Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Ok, yall... Petit Fleur is having a melt down over all the blogs I love AND I cannot comment on!!! I know I can't expect the world to change for me, but I can damn sure be frustrated about it!!
And... I am.

Ok, here's the deal for those of you who have been visiting here and whom I visit often. If you have the sort of comment setting that asks the commenter to "choose a profile" with a drop down menu..... I absolutely cannot do it, and do not know when the prob will be solved.

I have tried it all, except send a message to Google, which is on my list of things to do... however, I am a wife and mom and it's summer, and well, it has to take a back seat. I have tried changing my settings both on my computer and my Google account. I have to be extra careful about providing info publicly for reasons I cannot go into. So that being said, there may be some filter I've missed, but I have really really tried and still am trying.

So there is one person I really need to get a message to and I don't have ANY contact info or way to reach her except her blog and well, she changed her setting!!! AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

Here goes message to "Spiral Dances".
Dear SP

Starhawk, who is a pretty renowned author, teacher and earth activist round these parts is participating in a festival in your area. On her blog, she writes:
  • "I’m on a plane in an hour to fly to England, where I’ll be doing some workshops for the Transition Movement, teaching an Earth Activist Training and going to the Glastonbury Goddess festival. And doing my best to keep on blogging!"
I hope that you are able to go to this... it may be just the kind of thing to cheer you and inspire you! I wish so much that I could be there too... Someday.
I hope you read this! Peace pf

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming... The worst part of all this is that I think it may be the default setting for Google blogs because my VERY OWN blog was doing it at first! I finally figured out what was going on and changed it.... I mean, when you can't comment on your OWN blog, that's bad!

I also want to say that I've been turned on to some incredible writers, artists and bloggers from Ms Moon's blogroll and I cannot give you the encouragement and praise and thanks I'd like to, and dammit, I'm a life long co dependent and it's killin me! I don't remember who they all are, but I'm pretty sure one is Maggie. Steph was one, but now she's reformed, thank Goodness!

Ok, so let me be clear, I just wanted to vent. I'm not mad at anyone or asking you to change. (Ok, maybe the ladder a little.... maybe) But mostly, I'm just frustrated because something this easy should so NOT be this hard and I had to try to reach SD. Plus, you have to admit, that picture's pretty dang funny!

Whew! I feel better already.
Thanks ya'll, I'm gone.


Ms. Moon said...

Yep. Definitely something on your google account. But I changed to a pop-up comment thing. See if that works for you. Let me know.

Petit fleur said...

Thank you.... you rock!

PS Did you get my email? I think it's pretty groovy. :-)

Lady Lemon said...

Oh dear! Is mine doing it? I can't tell! Tell me if it is and I will change it. I can't be without my PF!

Petit fleur said...


I love ya Lemon Lady... and nope, yours does not do it. I wish I could show what it looks like, and I so wish I knew what was up with my puter so I could change it. BUT... Steph recently said she had probs with it on other sites, so that's when she changed hers, so who knows what the heck it is~

I'm going to post your cyber slam book reply next... I promise!
xo pf

Spiral Dancer said...

HI and GRRR only just saw this..AND thanks for doing this..I am confused though I didn't change my setting ..nope have no idea why that is going on at all..Have you tried again when you are logged in click on my profile? I have an email button also now there so let me know what is going on by sending me one?
Re starhawk she was miles away really other wise I may have checked her out..
Reading the story of B just now have you read it?

Spiral Dancer said...

Browser?? could be that also?? I have firefox..

Petit fleur said...

haha! I didn't think you may have read it till after I re posted the info... DOH! I'm a mess. I will try your site again. I use Firefox too. But if I can't leave a message, I will look for your email addy, which is just as well.

Miss being able to babble to ya!
Take care, and hope you are well.

Who is B? It sounds familiar, but I haven't been online a whole lot lately either.

Anonymous said...

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