Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All manner of things, including Bad Yoda.

For the pure weird comedic factor, I give you BAD YODA

I like Bad Yoda. I honor him and his badness. I am going to do my best to emulate his badness at the upcoming Robert Earl Keen concert. If you are in Tally and a music lover, you need to be there too. Being bad and enjoying REK. He rocks. Even Harely likes him.

I am again smacked in the head with the fact that if I ever want to be organized and actually do all the things that rattle round my brain, remember dreams, fulfill my goals and get the eternally evolving list of "to dos" actually done, I am going to have to do some simple basic things like:
  • Remember to use my big house calendar AND my day timer.
  • Carry pen and paper at all times.
I get so many ideas both large and small that are really great... like many people do. Only if I don't write them down, they get lost in the ether. Knowing this for years hasn't helped because I still don't do it. I mean I do it in spurts, but then it fizzles away like a damp pop rock.

I want to tell the Tallahassee folks to visit Luna Italian Specialty store:
They have the yummiest food, and it's the closest thing to an Italian deli that I've experienced in this town. I spent a goodly amount of time in my youth traveling from the local Italian delis to bakeries with my mom and Gram. My uncle Dominick also made THE BEST pizza I've ever had. And I've been to both NY and the North end of Boston. This pizza blows them all away. Of course, he's dead now. But I'm off point. The point is I'm no stranger to good Italian food, and Luna is the best you will get in this area. It is not really a deli although it has that feel. It's more of a specialty store. I don't think this area would support a deli, but specialty stores are a little different. They do things like have this lovely Rosemary bread flown in from California half baked. They finish baking it in their store so they can sell it hot and fresh. Yea, it's 4 bucks a loaf, but it's huge and it's fresh and incredible! They also serve up a mean Americana (shots of espresso with hot water added for us coffee crack heads who can't do the straight stuff) Don't even get me started on the gelato. This stuff is crazy good. That's all I'm going to say. The reason I'm going on like this is that the owners are so wonderful and they are having a rough summer. I don't like to see this. So, if you are local, go and at least get a gelato and a coffee. You'll be glad you did!

Our latest obsession round here is Finding Nemo. I didn't expect it to be this good! Harley loves it, although the first time was really scary and there were definitely sad parts... like right in the very beginning! Our first time around I turned it off right after the shark appeared because it made Harley cry. But then a few days later he announced he was not afraid of the shark anymore and that he wanted to see Nemo. We've been watching it ever since.

We are likely going to put our house on the market soon. I'm thinking of asking Ms Moon if I can advertise that they live next door to us as a selling point. I mean seriously, I think we can get more for the place and a quicker sell, if we can include that in our value added section! I mean, who wouldn't want to live next door to them? I was actually hoping that one of her kids or maybe Liz and Lon might be interested. Reason being is that although we are in the sticks sort of, we do have a small clustered community and neighbors do matter out here. We can't sell to just anyone. By that I mean one of the families that were considering making an offer on the place when we were, had a 19 year old son who they were buying the house for... That would just upset the balance entirely... unless he was a very considerate and mature 19 year old. It's not a high intensity area, as folks move out here to get away from that. Anyway, do you think Ms Moon will agree to let me use her shamelessly on Craig's list that way? hahaha! I'm mostly kidding, although the thought really had occurred to me. How could it not?

Ok, I think I'm done here. I don't know what this was about or what I'm doing. Just writing. Getting stuff down. Just doing something while watching Nemo for the 5th time this week.
Happy hump day ya'll.


downtown guy said...

How much are y'all trying to get for it?

erin said...

Finding Nemo must be a new blogging world fascination. It's mentioned in my last post the comments for that post three or four times...and I've read references to it on three other blogs this week. Strange?

Bad Yoda rocks in ways that only Bad Yoda's can!

Steph said...

I <3 Bad Yoda (:

I would say that I would love to buy your house and live next to Ms. Moon, but it would make me feel a little stalker-ish.

Petit fleur said...


We WANT 200 for it, but if you or any other of the Moon circle were to make any offer over 176 (which is what we paid for it) we'd definitely consider it... It's going to be worth a small fortune when the economy turns. And it will turn.

Hey Erin!

Thanks for stopping in.

I did not know this about the Nemo craze. I will have to check it out. My sister just got us a video version from the Salvation Army store in her town... and we just tried it out for the first time over the weekend. I am sort of addicted to it. I want live under the sea too!

Petit fleur said...


You can't let fear stand in your way! Make me an offer I can't refuse... Maybe a trade? :-) We do want to be out west you know... stranger things have happened.

downtown guy said...

You know I wish I could buy it, but I just don't have the credit or the down payment.

Petit fleur said...

I know. It's tough times. I wish there was a way to rent with option to buy... unfortunately we would need some down payment money to move with. I really want somebody in the family, blood or chosen to have it.

downtown guy said...

Yep. I wonder if any of those grants that are floating around would apply.

Petit fleur said...

We should talk. If you want to come by anytime while you're house sitting and have a beer, please do.

downtown guy said...

Actually, I'm done with my sitting duties. I'll catch you next time I'm out there.

Lady Lemon said...

I am going to check out that Italian place. I miss Italy and it's little markets so much.

Has Harley seen The Emperor's New Groove? It's a good one. Very funny.

Petit fleur said...

Please do check out Luna. They are such nice people and there's all kinds of imported goodies there.

We have NOT seen the emperor's new groove. Is it animated?? We will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Ms. Moon said...

You may use me shamelessly. But I don't want you to move.

Petit fleur said...

Woo hoo! You know I want to see a Moonie in this place. Whether it be friend, child of, chosen family, whatever.

It's weird to think that your friends/neighbors actually add to your market value... and I feel shameful even saying it, but you know it's true.

And I don't want to go either. we ar throwing a bunch of mudballs at the wall here and this is just one of them. Maybe one of the others will stick first.
xo m

Zengoof said...

Bad Yoda wins. I don't know what the contest is or who he competition is - Bad Yoda wins.

Petit fleur said...

Yea, he's special to me too.