Friday, March 16, 2012

In the infamous words of the Famewhore Squirrel

I just like the damn video!

I adore her so much, I may just resort to posting vids of her in lieu of actually writing something.  It's a hellovalot more entertaining and my brain is too mushy to write...  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Move it on over...

So, we have big news over here in the panhandle.  We are going on a GRAND adventure and one we have dreamed of for some time.   We are moving!  Moving to California!~  Marc got a great job out there, and now we are just reeling with all the prep work and most sticky of all selling our lovely, magnificent old house.  It is a crazy market and this is a quirky house which needs an owner who is prepared either financially or with the skills to make improvements/repairs.  I wish we could take the damn thing with us, because I LOVE it, warts and all, but... even I cannot manifest that scenario!

I'm totally stoked about this, and yet the timing with regard to emotional attachments is less than desirable, but I guess that's how it goes.  If this had happened any time previous to now, the emotional upheaval would have been much less, as I had sort of isolated myself when Harley was a babe.  Some of it was intentional and some was just evolution, but now we have made some really great friends and connections that we cherish and still of course have our long time friends that will be hard to leave.... sigh.  I hate the good bye part.

The good news is that we'll be making enough money to come back and visit at least once a year or so... maybe more.  We will be getting retirement benies and there is a regular raise schedule!  Can you imagine?  There state govmt actually takes care of it's employees! woot!  Also, I will be very close to my niece who just had a baby, and my nephew who is still recovering from a terrible auto accident.  And Ms Maggie as far as I can tell we are only about 3 hours from you!  I'm so hoping to catch up with you and give you a proper hug and meet you and your crew sometime!  Wow!

I will still be posting, albeit sporadically for a while.  Well, more sporadically than usual!  Any advice on how to keep one's sanity in a time like this is much appreciated...  I'm not even kidding.