Saturday, January 26, 2013

My son the hoodlum

I stopped smashing my head against the crazy wall sometime this week...  So while things are notably better, I am still a bit outer body and not really sure what the hell I'm doing here.  I'm told that will take some serious time.  Like maybe a year or more.  Yea, things are more familiar and I'm glad to get out of the traffic and stimulation and back in our little hovel at the end of the day, but it's not home... It's more like a temporary refuge.  Kind of the way you feel when you're on vacation and you've been out gallivanting all day, and then you get back to your hotel room where you can let down.  It's good to be back in your temporary space, but it ain't home.  That's how it is.

So last Sunday we went over to a friend of Marc's house.  A guy from work.  He makes his own beer... and apparently drinks a lot of it too.  But that's another story.  Anyway, we went there to hang out and let the kids make pizzas and play.  Long story short, my angel-go gooder son was spear heading the committee ding and dash.  (That is ring the neighbor's doorbell and run).  WHAT?  Harley?  To my knowledge, he has never done that caliber of blatantly naughty activity before.  Certainly not in my presence! The good news is when I confronted him, he fessed right up.  (One of his cohorts was busted and she turned dime on him.) When I asked why he thought that was a good idea, he said he thought it would be fun and he liked hearing the dog bark.  I'm half way kidding when I say, this may be a bad omen!  He didn't get in real trouble and I didn't take it too seriously, but it was odd seeing a side of your kid that you have not ever been introduced to.

I am having an endoscopy next Friday.  Well, I guess it's this Friday now.  I've never had a "procedure" before, unless you count getting wisdom teeth extracted.  I'm not freaking out, just mildly dissociative is more like it.  The doc skipped over the risks like a stone over water.  I did catch the one about perforating something or other, maybe the stomach?  I don't know.  Anyway, he assured me he's done thousands of these and nobody has ever been injured.  We are fairly certain that what I am suffering from is acute acid reflux, but they also want to be sure I do not have a hiatal hernia or cancer on top of it.  I'm pretty sure I don't.  But can I say, the diet I am on, while it may be healthy as all get out, is a pain in the ass and boring as hell.  I'd give my left pinkie for a burger or a slice.  All I've been eating are vegetables, soup, fruit, gluten free bread sandwiches with no condiments or tomato, bland cereal with almond milk, goat cheese, nuts, and fish  None of it spiced the way I like either. (I'm a hot sauce lover and I'm dyin without my Liquid Summer, a local panhandle favorite) Can you imagine?  I'm Italian for Christ's sake!  My kid is now lactose intolerant too, so there is that.  Welcome to California!

Seriously, I'm getting used to it, I just thought it was so outrageous I had to mention it.  I mean yea, my diet has never really been the best, but I NEVER eat fried foods and I hardly drink.  So I ate a lot of processed food stuff and I smoked and drank coffee and hot sauce.   I know guys that have been doing WAY more for longer and they're still doing it!!  I'm not so much mad or even surprised by this... it just doesn't seem right.

That's the news from here.  I'm finding things to be grateful for, and honestly, there is a lot.  Thank the Great Spirit for Ms Moon, who often puts up lovely photos of home and her beautiful yard and younguns and others I love.  It helps me feel connected somehow to the piece of my heart that didn't make the move. Thank you Ms Moon.

Hope ya'll are having a happy new year so far.