Monday, November 23, 2009

This one is for you White Rabbit.

I got this in the form of email, and thought you'd get a big chuckle from it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Responses from the row

Hey All,

I have been unintentionally sitting on the replies from BD's last post from "Life in Xanadu". He sent them to me last month and I was unable to get in the mind space to transcribe them. BD is a trifle long winded, like me.. heheh!

Anyway, they are up now and it would be great if you could pop on over and check them out. He does take his time and answers each one as thoroughly as possible. And he does so appreciate everyone's patience with this archaic time frame that we are forced to work with.

That's all.
Thanks for taking time.
pf & bd

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mini-Buddha's birthday, this weekend

I love this picture! It was back when Harley was a chubby bunny.

We all have colds over here at Chez Levi. Of course this is just in time for a visit from my in laws, who are flying in from California to be here for Harley's birthday this weekend. Did I mention it's Harley's birthday this weekend? (Yepper, it is! He is going to be four!) Did I mention my house is somewhat of a disaster? (Ah... My house is somewhat of a disaster.)

To my credit, I got a bunch of preparatory work done yesterday, like food and party favors and drinks and etc... This year we are having his party at one of his favorite places on the planet: The Tallahassee Museum, aka The Junior Museum. Then after those festivities, we are going to have some neighbors over for cake and ice cream and beer... my favorite part of kid parties! If you can get it, and we CAN. I love that Harley loves our neighbors so much that he wants them to celebrate with him. I love our neighbors too, they are part of our chosen family.

So, we will be sniffling our way through the festivities, but rest assured, there is no swine flu here. Happy hump day... PF

Friday, November 13, 2009

Paso Doble, Ole!

I wasn't going to post this... my favorite dance of the movie because I didn't want to ruin anything for anyone. But I'm getting the feeling nobody is going to watch it anyway, and it would be a shame to miss this. (The crazy looking old man who is the first to clap and later begins convulsing is the boy's father. The crazy looking old lady with the bad blond wig and the pink sequence dress is the boy's mother. The cool looking hispanic couple is the girl's father and grandmother.. I think.) The reason the boy's father and mother are going goofy is because the boy and the father had the same dream, only dad never could follow through.

It's cheesy as all get out, but if you can watch this and feel nothing, you had better check your pulse!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

By The People

I'm sure everyone already knows about this, but I'm always a little late to the party.

So there I was studying and I like to have something in the background, so I flicked on the tube. Charlie Rose was talking to Ed Norton... I love Ed Norton, so of course, I kept it on. Before too long I wasn't studying anymore. I was watching 3 really smart young people talking about a documentary they started shooting on Obama back before the election. And, as it turns out, they managed to get continued access DURING the campaign as well, behind the scenes.... I'm so pissed I don't have HBO!

I don't know about ya'll, but I could sure use a little inspiration right about now. If you have time, check out the promo vid:

I can't resist either!

Through the strange twists and turns of the internet, I found myself at Scott Adams' Dilbert Blog... This is one funny mo fo. Here is just three example of the fun I found there.

Check it out ya'll, he's almost as funny as SB!

Oh, the humanity...
Can't Resist

This one's for you Ms Moon!
Fear of Fish

Saving the best for last...
My Best Story

That's all for now. Please, have a humorous day.
xo pf

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I said I would keep an eye on those muppets...

And BEHOLD! MORE INSANITY!!! Only this time,
I approve!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marmot Carrion Anyone? Marmot tar tar perhaps?

This is not my beautiful house or my not so beautiful dead marmot. And that is not my beautiful husband, but I think I'm crushing just a bit on those eyes, and that right forearm...

Ms Moon has informed me that we do not have marmots in North FL, and as usual, she is correct; however, I'm going to use the word marmot anyway. Ever since I heard it in The Big Lebowski, I've been waiting patiently for a chance to use it. (I love The Dude... he abides.) So for the purposes of this blog, anything furry and dead will heretofore be referred to as a marmot.

It's been an interesting month around here. We have been battling asthma, the elements, our house, each other, and yes, even dead marmot. We are tired and trying hard to stay grateful. It's just hard to say thank you when you keep getting shit storm after shit storm! "Ah, thank you, can we have some more please?" That's just plain wrong.

Harley had been coughing sporadically since early August when school started. His GP's listened to his lungs numerous times and declared them "clear". We asked if he should see an allergist. "No, you don't want to go down that road." Hmmm.... I'm thinking. This has been going on for 2 years. As soon as he gets any sniffle, it turns into MONTHS of coughing. I think maybe I DO want him to see an allergist! Ok, so they send us home without so much as cough syrup but we seemed to manage to get the coughing under some sort of control despite that fact. Or so we thought. Then just as it seemed to be going away, he got the worst jag to date. Poor guy. This time, I was totally PISSED, and it's now late September. The doctor Harley sees is part of a GROUP of Docs who work in the same place. On this Sept. visit we got the NEW doctor of the group (All the old ones try to avoid us. He must have got the short straw) and he promptly diagnosed Harley with cough variant asthma. The meds he prescribed are helping immensely. Although, we did have 2 more visits to urgent care (ER) over the weekend following this visit due to an ear infection and a severe jag lasting more than 8hours. (Mr. new doc neglected to give us anything fast acting for jags. (And yes, I did ask.) BUT....... without EVEN asking, Dr. Mike at UC prescribed another round of Prednisone AND cough syrup with CODEINE! Thank you Doctor Mike, Jesus, Buddha and Ronald McDonald! FINALLY! For the first time in months we will get through a friggin night without steam, coughing, puking, frustration, and sadness. One of the saddest parts to all of this, is that our son is becoming cynical. When I tell him we are going to see the doctor, he says, "Why are we going there, they can't fix me". OUCH. We will be getting a brand new doctor and a brand new doctor's office. There is more to this story, but we'll end here. Harley is doing great in comparison to what he was, and his chest is getting a well deserved rest, as are we all.

Next we get to the mold problem in our house. We have been battling that since we moved in. It wasn't apparent before buying the house and it's something that the building inspector just didn't catch... again I say, hmmmmmm.... in any event, we have been making sweeps of the house every so often, but had not done one for a few months. I found mold in in all sorts of places. I cleaned fire places, unpacked boxes and got rid of a lot stuff. Now I have all manner of "stuff" from the boxes (that did not get tossed) in various piles around the dining room because I do cannot yet integrate it... This battle will be ongoing.

Then there is the water jug that leaked ever so slowly in the kitchen cabinet. This is our hurricane supply water. (We try to be responsible~ hmph!) Anyway, a damn 2 gallon jug of spring water sprung a leak and soaked up the particle board so badly in our cabinet, hub had to rip the whole bottom part of the cabinet out and replace it... in doing so, he found a dead marmot way back behind the cabinet in a sort of crawl space area in between the cabinet and a wall or something. He tried to poke at if for some reason, and realized that "Oh my, it's so far gone, it's falling apart!" YIKES! So now what? Well, I suggested calling someone to come get it. Hub insisted that there was no way to do it without tearing up that entire end of the kitchen... so he walled it up. (Have we learned nothing from Mr. Poe?) Walled up bodies always get the last laugh, and this one is no different. The day after the sealing off of said marmot, our whole kitchen smelled like decomposing marmot! So to top it all off, in addition to choking back waves of nausea, I now have that DAMN song in my head! You know the one, "OOOOh that smell, can't you smell that smell"?) Who needs this?

I won't go into ALL the wackiness caused by 2 ADHD adults doing the FALL back thing... but let's just say that appointments were missed and mayhem ensued. And today, the husband absconded with the wife's cell phone. The wife missed a phone consult with a client, because, well, she did NOT have her phone! Truth be told, I also sort of forgot, BUT.. said client did try to reach me via my cell, but hub did not answer... So I have some groveling to do....And those Coaching classes I'm taking. Yes, the time for Skyping got messed up there too.

Well, I think that about covers it. Here's to a mellow November.