Monday, November 23, 2009

This one is for you White Rabbit.

I got this in the form of email, and thought you'd get a big chuckle from it!


Ms. Moon said...

That was so sick and wonderful.

white rabbit said...

Thank you Fleur.

Is there anything unusual in the evnts portrayed?

*puzzled look*

Petit fleur said...

You are such a funny bunny!

I thought you'd dig it, but not really knowing you, after posting I got a little paranoid that you might be somehow offended!

I laughed my ass off!

Danielle said...


i love little britain..awsome show...

we really have to show this to jo...jooooooooooo??? where are you?

Petit fleur said...

Hey Danielle,

I didn't even know what show it was from!! Maybe I can get some DVDs now that I know where it comes from.

Someone sent it to me in an email.
Thanks for stopping by Danielle.
xo pf BTW, Jo doesn't stop by here much, but I'll email it to you, and you can forward it if you like. I think she will find it funny!

Danielle said...

got the email but the link didnt work..:-(((

but i ll send jo over..:-)

check youtube for more little britain..its genius!!! and when you are already there check out : smack the pony..another great show..def. worth searching!