Thursday, November 19, 2009

Responses from the row

Hey All,

I have been unintentionally sitting on the replies from BD's last post from "Life in Xanadu". He sent them to me last month and I was unable to get in the mind space to transcribe them. BD is a trifle long winded, like me.. heheh!

Anyway, they are up now and it would be great if you could pop on over and check them out. He does take his time and answers each one as thoroughly as possible. And he does so appreciate everyone's patience with this archaic time frame that we are forced to work with.

That's all.
Thanks for taking time.
pf & bd


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the photo!

Petit fleur said...

Thanks SB. Thank you for stopping and for commenting. You know, these posts about my friend on the row are the most sacred and important to me. It makes me sad when there are no comments. So thank you.

I try to drive people to his site, because he so needs the "love".

I'm so happy you stopped. And yes, I love the pic too!

And once again, you handled those fanatics with the grace and finesse of a champion bullfighteress! Ole!

Maggie May said...

oh look at that elephant!! that is SO cute

Petit fleur said...

Thank you Maggie.
I like her too. :-)