Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mini-Buddha's birthday, this weekend

I love this picture! It was back when Harley was a chubby bunny.

We all have colds over here at Chez Levi. Of course this is just in time for a visit from my in laws, who are flying in from California to be here for Harley's birthday this weekend. Did I mention it's Harley's birthday this weekend? (Yepper, it is! He is going to be four!) Did I mention my house is somewhat of a disaster? (Ah... My house is somewhat of a disaster.)

To my credit, I got a bunch of preparatory work done yesterday, like food and party favors and drinks and etc... This year we are having his party at one of his favorite places on the planet: The Tallahassee Museum, aka The Junior Museum. Then after those festivities, we are going to have some neighbors over for cake and ice cream and beer... my favorite part of kid parties! If you can get it, and we CAN. I love that Harley loves our neighbors so much that he wants them to celebrate with him. I love our neighbors too, they are part of our chosen family.

So, we will be sniffling our way through the festivities, but rest assured, there is no swine flu here. Happy hump day... PF


downtown guy said...

Mom and dad are out of town this weekend! As their house sitter, I will bravely take their places for cake and ice cream.

Also, that boy is so damn cute.

Steph(anie) said...

God he's cute. Happy Birthday Harley!

Petit fleur said...

DTG-- We will miss your folks, but are so happy you will be here. Hooray! Your bravery will be rewarded with beers and carrot cake! Make sure to tell your sisters to come on by if they're of a mind to. xoxo me


Thanks, I will read him your birthday wishes. Hope Austin is back to normal by now.
xo pf

Ms. Moon said...

Ah. He's such a FINE boy and a blessing to our neighborhood.

Petit fleur said...

MM-- Thank you lovey. Thanks for calling me back yesterday. I was wondering if you knew a recipe sub for butter... don't ask. Anyway, turned out M was coming home early so he picked some up.

Talk later..

Sarcastic Bastard said...

There is nothing on this Earth quite like cake and beer combined. My favorite is dark chocolate cake and beer.

Harley is so cute. I really dig the Buddha picture.

Feel better PF!

Petit fleur said...

Hey SB!!
You're back! Yes, cake and beer. Yummy. I like the dark chocolate too, and Red velvet... Harley wants strawberry with blueberries in it. I'm not much into that, but I'll try to make it interesting... maybe some Giradelli dark chock chips.. if you haven't had those, they are a tasty morsel!
ciao bella,

white rabbit said...

Enjoy! They're wonderful at that age :D

Petit fleur said...

Hey WR,

Good to see you! And I agree, good age.

Zengoof said...

From Buddha Boy to scolding school teacher. Yikes! But every so varied and fun. You did great with the in-laws. Better than.