Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tiny Healing hands

I have been meaning to post a great many things, and, well, it's too much... but I was reminded of something today that I really feel I must share.

My son, Harley is just one of the most cosmic children I have ever encountered...  About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I helped a friend move.  I was the one on the bottom while walking a very heavy couch up a staircase.  The wooden arm was pressed against my chest for quite a while as it was a "one stair at a time" kind of process.  The next day, when my chest began hurting, it took me a while to figure out what it is.  Of course because I smoke, whenever I have abnormal chest activity I think... heart?  cancer?  But the odd thing was (perhaps because the nerves in the area were triggered) I was also getting anxiety attacks or what felt like anxiety.  So, next on the list is the boob thing.  My boobs are rather hefty and when I sleep on my side, they pull the muscles on the side that's facing up... Anyway, I'm thinking all these crazy thoughts, when I finally realized that, oh yea, I had a couch resting on my chest for about 10 minutes yesterday, DUH.

Ok, so Harley hears me explaining that my chest hurts.  He says that he will fix it by putting his magic on it.  He didn't realize what he was doing, but it was Reiki.  Or at least some version of it.  He put his hands on my chest and closed his eyes and kept them there for about a minute.  Then announced that I was all better... and I WAS!  I was so blown away I just could hardly speak or express myself because I was so overwhelmed by what had just happened.  When asked how his magic works he said that he has many hearts and he uses them to gather all his love, mix it with his magic and "squirt it out his hands!" (Of course, how silly of me!)

Ok, so I still have this little lingering cold or allergies or whatever, which I wrote about yesterday... so this morning, Harley tells me that I have a "love rock which is blocking my magic."  Then he proceeded to explain the problem in detail.  This is a direct quote as well as I can recall:

  • "Everything must be moving for us to be healthy.  ..The blood, the magic and the love.  The love rock has to be broken up for your love, magic and blood to move.  There is a waterfall that runs from your boobie down to your legs and it is working fine, except the rock is blocking things up.
Then he began to again rub my chest.  Then oops, got to have skin to skin contact, so he puts his little hand under my shirt and keeps it there for a bit.  Then he says he needs a drop of water.  He puts the drop of water on with his finger, then holds his hand there again for a bit.  Then he announced that he is finished!  I am well, but the rock will take 24 hours to break up completely, so I should be good as new by tomorrow.

He then tells me that "late kids" like him are extra magical.  (I had him at 42)  He said that late mommies are extra magic, and they give that to their kids when they are inside of them... WHAT?!!!!  What the hell do I do with this?  I have a kid with real shamanic talent and I have no clue how to keep this alive... I mean I do, and yet, I feel unqualified to do it without assistance of some kind.  Anybody know anyone who can provide some guidance?  I'm feeling insecure about my ability to keep this magic boy moving int he direction of his talent... What a blessing he is.


Steph(anie) said...

I don't have any useful information for you, but good on him for being so tuned into himself and the universe and confident.

Towanda said...

He sounds much better than the doctors I've been to. :)
Seriously, he indeed sounds VERY special and I would be quite careful who I shared the story of his magic with. I like to think by your not treating him like an extraordinary person, and if you simply keep on loving and nurturing him, he will grow just fine without interference from others. I imagine he will keep it alive by himself.

Akannie said...

Oh my...

You need to google Indigo Children.

Thanks for posting this...

JoJo said...

Holy cow! That is one amazing child you have. I can't imagine what he's going to be like when he grows up!!!

JoJo said...


Ms. Moon said...

Can he work on chiggers?

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Send Harley to Southern California if you need a break.
Seriously, he sounds like he has a gift. These situations will arise....whenever they are not making fun of him or trivializing what he's got. You are supporting him, it seems to me. That's a giant gift from you to him.

Petit fleur said...

Ok, most of you are probably not checking back here anymore, because I'm frightfully late in my responses, but here goes:

Steph: Yes, he really is a little marvel. Thanks.

Jojo: Yes, it is very cool. As to the smoking, well... we'll see.

Ms Moon: No, he only works on certain maladies, or so he has reported.

Denise: I wish we could ALL move to Southern Cali! Thanks for the encouragement. He is quite an extraordinary child indeed. Good to see you, and thanks for stopping and for your encouraging words.