Friday, September 9, 2011


There is a very odd 2-3 day flu going around... I either have it, or I have allergies.  I'm told the ragweed is terribible right now, but it could be anything.  We have one of the highest concentrations of pollen anywhere and our weather has changed over night.  Not that it won't go back to hot before it's all over, but for now it's mild and even cool in the evenings and mornings, so sniffles are happening.

I've been a big phat lump of poured out flesh the past few days.  (I can't take credit for that line, it comes from the movie Broadcast News.  If you have never seen it, do.  It's great.  Holly Hunter, Will Hurt and many others. It's fabulous.  anyway, not much here, except for Harley is all adjusted to his new school.  He's doing great and I just LOVE it!  It's the best school ever, and I adore all his teachers and schoolmates.

Maybe my stuffy nose scratchy eyed exhausted self will feel better by tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Cheers.


Towanda said...

We have that flu here also in SE Oklahoma. I kept waking up sick last night and same stuff today. Ah well...
Broadcast News was indeed a really good movie.
Feel better.

Steph(anie) said...

What big boys we have :)

Hope you feel better soon. Anymore I just take decongestants around the clock.

Petit fleur said...


Sorry you got the stuff too. Ick!


Yea, they be growin up fast. You're smart to keep the meds around. Living where we do, you'd think we would also. DOH!
Have a great weekend everyone.

JoJo said...

Feel better!!! :D

BTW, can we get a Matt update?