Monday, September 19, 2011

He's a little bit Country....

She's a little bit rock and roll.

No, not Donnie and Marie  Peer and Amanda, our hosts for Saturday evenings football festivities.  They are not brother and sister and if they knew the metaphor I just used, they'd both barf in unison.  No question.  I'm not even sure of why I used it... I guess I was thinking she's got a little South FL girl in her and he's got a little mid-west roughian in him, but above all, they both embody the whole live and let live, old hippie mentality and heart.  Somehow that led to... a bad metephor.  So we had a lovely time at their house and Harley got to cheer for our team!  He thought it was extra strange and exciting that not only was he not required to use his inside voice, neither were the adults!  Everyone was screaming!  I could see the wheels turning... "Ah, these are my people, life is good!"  He now wants to know when we are going back.  The rules are different at Peer and Amanda's.

Harley and I left early before the real cussing and nonsense started.  I heard tale that Mr. Fleur was coaxed into shot gunning a beer by the "young ones"...  Of course he beat them hands down... years of practice behind him.  ("I'm so proud", she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm)  Anyway, now the young ones know which gorilla beats his chest the loudest.  I'm surprised they didn't have a pissing contest too. Or maybe they did.  I'm just glad we left before that bafoonery started.

Yesterday, we were slightly hung over.  Some of us more slightly than others.  We had a fun day running around town and just making fun of each other.  They temperatures are incredibly mild for this time of year in the panhandle.  It's been very yummy.  Then last night as we were getting ready to watch a movie, we got a call from Mr. Fleur's brother.  

Apparently his daughter was unawares that she wasn't due to make her earthly arrival till Oct 10th and made quite the unexpected appearance last night!  We did not get the call that labor was happening or anything,  it just HAPPENED!  So this was a real shocker for us.  We got no stats, just a weary phone call from dad saying she's here, everybody's good, call ya later.  My sis in law, was rumored to have been in hard labor for a whopping 30 minutes.  Lucky her.  I can't wait to meet little Fiona and give them all hugs!. Babies are so magical and yummy.

In other news I FINALLY got my web hosting situation under control for Jump Start, so I'm totally stoked about that!  (I have been procrastinating because of financial woes and sheer terror... more of commitment and of filling out forms than anything... I know ridiculous)  Anyway, it's done!  As soon as it's up and running I will make an announcement.

And finally, we have HOT water for the first time in months and I do mean months... as in at least 4-5.  It's a long story.  The short version is that we thought we needed a new water heater as ours was a million years old.  Turned out, all we needed was a new element.  Now the water is so damn hot we have to keep adjusting the temperature so that Harley doesn't scald himself!  We can now take back to back showers if we want, we can do dishes in HOT water and laundry too!  Ah, life is good.  My fondest prayer at present is that all the people in the world without clean or running water, get it.  And also that they get to take hot showers someday too.

So, that's it.  That's the Fleur weekend report.  Hope your weekend was groovy too.


Ms. Moon said...

I miss Peer and Amanda!
I didn't know you didn't have hot water. Damn.
Congratulations on the new munchkin.

Steph(anie) said...

Damn is right.

Yay hot water!

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon, I know!!! They are the best. I wish we saw them more often too. As to the hot water, I swear I almost trundled over to your place a half a dozen times to ask if I could bath in the beauteous Mary bathroom, but alas I trudged my way though.. Thanks for the congrats.

Steph: I hope your week is light and easy. Thanks for hanging with me!

Akannie said...

We went through a time of waiting for them to get city water in to us out here...every year, it was..."in a few more months"...and so I can really relate to the hot water thing.

sigh...I can now take loooooooooooong hot showers.

It's Nirvana, baby....

JoJo said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all at the Sat. football party...I just hope no one drove while impaired. What a surprise on the baby showing up so early! And congratulations on having hot water again too.

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