Friday, July 15, 2011

Soggy Boggy Boo

Well, the drought is definitely over. We've been getting our normal rainy afternoons almost every day for the last week or so (I think)  I'm starting to remember now that we live in a sort of bog here in NF.  It was starting to feel more like a dessert for a while there.  (Or is it desert?  I get those confused.  One is a hot place with sand and one is a sweet treat... My spelling sucks.)  And you know, at 48 years old, I should be embarrassed by that, but I just don't really care.  Ten years ago I would have been, but now not so much.  I just accept it as one of my quirks.  Yea, that's it, I'm quirky!

I'm also practicing being more of a conscientious blogger/journal-er person.  I have found a few of my old book journals from back before I met my husband... Some really fascinating stuff.  Stuff that Id forgotten all about.  Some I didn't really remember even after reading it!  It was really fun reading (Not that I'm a writer mind you, it is the thoughts, ideas and threads of exploration that I tend to meander down that capture my imagination... and I realize I was not as "out of it" as I thought.)  And let's face it, who doesn't like reading about themselves?  But really, I just want to document some things along the way and most of it has to do with Harley.

Speaking of Harley, today was a great day.  We went to our friend's house for some hanging out.  Harley got to play with a dog and walk the dog.  We got all sweaty on our walk and went for a dip in her wave pool.  This is the coolest damn thing ever!  It makes bubbles like a hot tub and also makes waves for those who like to swim in place~  Harley LOVES it because he can stand up all around the sides as there is a ledge that goes around the perimeter, and if he goes directly in front of where the waves come out, their current sweep him off to the other end of the pool.  Great fun!  He called it the "rushing waves".   We had a grand visit, caught up on each other, ate cherries and left just after a nice downpour.  Oh, and did I mention, Harley also got to fill the bird feeder?  That is one of his all time FAVORITE things to do.  We LOVE visiting them.  They are so fun.  AND if that was not enough, my friend gave me a pair of very high end sandals... can't remember the name, maybe Keen or something like that.  Anyway, they just didn't work for her, so she gifted me with them.  And all I brought for her was a cherry flavored ginger beer.  sigh.  In Bull Durham, Susan Sarandon says "Bad trades are part of baseball":... and to that end I guess bad trades are part of friendship (sometimes).  It will all even out somehow though.

So then it was off to Chik-Fil-A for an 85cent ice cream cone and play time in the kiddie tunnels and indoor slides.  While we were there, I found a copy of today's paper that someone left behind so I have the Friday happenings mag now and I also scored 55cents... another tiny morsel of abundance left behind by someone who apparently didn't need it.  So I guess you could say it was my lucky day.

It is still raining, but the power has remained in tact. (A very unusual event in these parts)  So we are enjoying our electronics and just chillin out.  Letting the bunny hop, and the kitty snuggle and wind blow.

Hope you all are well.


Ms. Moon said...

Lloyd is mighty cozy tonight isn't it? Glad you had a good day.

Steph(anie) said...

Sweets after dinner has the double s. The dry hot place has one s. One way to remember is that you want more dessert than you want desert. Course that only works if you like sweets and don't like hot/dry. :)

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon- I cannot keep my eyes open in this weather. Yes, it's mighty cozy and I'm all "tuck up" as they say.

Steph- Thank you! And I promise, you won't be exhausted forever. :-)

Akannie said...

SOunds like a grand day!

Wish we were getting some of that's HOT here. Worse than you, I think, with humidity so high the chickens hair is frizzing!! lol

JoJo said...

I am having a hard time adjusting to the heat/humidity in MA...I can't imagine what it must be like down south!!!!!! Take it slow and don't move much if you don't have to! lol

That pool sounds like fun though!

Petit fleur said...


I'll send it right over!

Petit fleur said...


Life seems to be one adjustment after another. May I suggest one of those little hand held fans which squirt ice cold water? Or even just an old fashioned fan. They do provide some relief... ask any southern belle. (And, no, I'm not one, but I still use the fans when I remember to!)