Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latest Harleyism faves

Questions or comments without segues:

"Believe in yourself Mom. I do it, and it works for me!"

"Is Jupiter in our solar system?"

"I have a pet shark that lives in my leg.  When I eat, he gets some of the food".

"I'm hungrier than starving is"

"I like to eat my boogies.  YUM!"

"Mom!  Come quick, I hear Elvis!!"

"Every morning when I wake up, I have to pee.  What's up with that?"

"I'm going CRAZY on this pizza!"

"I love you bigger than outer space is".


Ms. Moon said...

Oh, that boy.

JoJo said...

Out of the mouths of babes, as they say. I think you can expect great things from Harley!!

The shark in the leg thing though *shudder*...I guess I've seen too many episodes of the XFiles. lol

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon~Soon, Mr. O will be dazzling you with his declarations to go along with his devastatingly good looks!

Jojo~ I am so looking forward to see the directions he grow in as time goes on. Ha! Love the X files too! Creepy good stuff.

Peace ya'll,

Steph(anie) said...

I was just hungrier than starving yesterday!

And the peeing in the morning thing, my kids can't bring themselves to accept that one yet.

white rabbit said...

The boy should have his own column or something.

I particular;y like the shark one...


jen said...

Let's staple THAT ONE TO OUR FOREHEADS: Believe in yourself...kids do this naturally and my goodness what a good reason to enjoy their starry company even more. Can't wait to meet him someday!

Danielle said...

ahahahahaa that was even better then ellen-post...
i love kids-talk..its so entertaining..at first i thought my fav quote was the shark one..but now i think its the elvis one..great..:-)

Petit fleur said...


Yes, I am often hungrier than starving is... but not as much as Harley.
Peace, pf


You have NO idea... seriously! Glad we could tickle you.
Peace, pf

Yea, that floored me too, and if wouldn't hurt so bad and cause bleeding, I would staple it to my forehead! You will meet him. We can't wait to meet you too.
xo pf

Yes, that is always so surreal and funny, because it is Ms Moon's rooster Elvis he is hearing! "Cockadoodledoooooo~thank ya very much!"
come back soon,

Danielle said...

ahaaahhahaahhahah you crack me up!! silly me..i didnt even thought about that elvis is living next door from you.:-)