Thursday, April 15, 2010



Last weekend we took Harley to the FSU Flying High Circus, one of only 2 collegiate circuses in the US.  This year's show was appropriately named, "SPECTACULAR!" (Which coincidentally is the 'word on the street' on Sesame Street today!)

It really was quite impressive!  And although there were no animals, it still exuded that exotic, other worldly feel that only comes with a circus production  Honestly, I don't enjoy the animal acts so much, because I know too much about how they are treated and have to live, and I find it cruel and unnatural.  So, normally, the animal part makes me more sad than anything.  in other words, it was perfect in my book~

There were entrancing acts of all sorts, including: Balancing, Fying trapeze, Tumbling, Clown, Juggling, High wire, Perch poles, Roman rings, Hanging perch, Unicycle, Stilts and much more that I don't know the names of.  These acts are all performed, choreographed, written and managed (equipment and set management) by college kids.  They balance, swing, contort and defy all sorts of natural laws with their amazing young bodies.  Beautiful young people in fabulous costumes and tons of sparkly show make up and of course tight tights (on the boys, oh LORD!).

They made us laugh, and took our breath away.  Harley dug on the clowns and bit his nails incessantly during the flying trapeze acts, or indeed any acts of a gravity defying nature.  "Mommy, that is not very safe what they are doing!"  Poor kid, I thought he was going to have an aneurysm!  We spend half of our time with him gasping and telling him to NOT do UNsafe or dangerous climbing, running in inappropriate places, etc... and then here we are paying to see this same behavior (worse actually) in others and call it entertaining!  We did explain that they have lots of practice and a net in case they fall... which a few did.  Sometimes when your breath is taken away, it's because you know they are college kids, and not professionals and very well could bust their asses!  Or have an embarrassing fall.  All you want for them is to fly high and succeed in their stunts.

There was one particular group of acrobats that were performing a mirror routine with another group.  What I mean is there were two groups of acrobats going the same routine while the equipment was prepared for the next act.  Each act was facing a different direction so that everyone could get a look at what they were doing. These poor kids had one slip up and it threw off the whole rest of the routine for them.  It was 2 or 3 guys and a girl.  The girl would be doing poses or tricks and they guys would be tossing her in the air to in order to get the momentum for said tricks.  Well, she fell on her keester more than once and then at the end, when they made a jump rope out of her... (Yes, one guy had her feet and the other her hands and they were lobbing her in circles while another guy jumped roper over her!  Her being THE rope!!)  I was so afraid her face was going to scrape the ground.... I could barely watch.  Luckily, that did not happen, but something did.  I think the guy holding her wrists lost his grip because she did fall.  I might have blacked out for a sec, I'm not sure.. I was really upset for them, especially her.  Yikes.  That'll give you trust issues!

I promised Harley a hotdog, but there were none available.  Only snow cones, lemonade, and popcorn, so that is what we had and it was fabulous!  We also scored a real clown nose!  We each took turns wearing it and creating photographic evidence of our illicit activities.  (I will post them when I get them on my puter.  This is one of the drawbacks of hub needing the camera for his work).

I'll leave you with this video, and this question:  Is there anything as thrilling and exotic as a circus??



Steph(anie) said...

I can't get over that! A collegiate circus! I agree that it's better without the animals. Good stuff!

Petit fleur said...

Hey steph,

Yea, you know most folks round here are so proud of the damn football team. Well, I think they are generally a bunch of over adored, spoiled ass thugs. Seriously, Google FSU football team violence and see what comes up.

I am way more proud of the circus. I hope they continue getting funds and attention.
ps that ringmaster was soooooo cool!

JoJo said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I've always been creeped out by circuses. When I was a child, I received a large Circus book from an aunt and uncle and the photos and paintings were so creepy that I've been afraid of circuses since then. lol And don't get me started on how I feel about clowns. It's good that Harley isn't developing the fear of clowns I have!

Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad y'all had fun. I bet Harley was just on the edge of his seat the whole time. Maybe he'll grow up to join the FSU Flying High Circus. And how cool will that be? Of course we'll have to medicate YOU but he'll have a wonderful time.
He was so sweet to give Owen his toy today. What a nice little boy you have.

Rebecca said...

I went to my first circus about 2 years ago. Right after my son got out of the hospital. Had grandma take care of my son and my husband and I took our daughter to the circus. It was a private event so we had pretty good seats and it was special and nice and wonderful and I'll never ever forget it as long as I live.

Petit fleur said...


You are not alone in the creepy circus club. I have many friends that sort of have bad childhood memories of clowns and just aren't that into it... It reminds me of the feelings I had when I watched Wings of Desire for the first time... yummy!

How's your pooch? Has she chilled out yet? My hub and I are big Pulp fiction fans.... so we love saying to one another "Tell that bitch to CHIIIIIIL!" when one of us is wigging. :-)

Petit fleur said...

Miss Moon!

I was so surprised and happy to see you and little O today! Harley was very happy to give his "baby" toy to his newest admirer!

I can't wait to read what you post about the 'town shooting!' That ought to be a good one!

Come by more often, pllllease, or call us to come by and we can take Mr. Owen while you do your chores.
xoxo pf

Petit fleur said...

Wow, Rebecca!!! You had your own private circus??!! Are either you or your hub in politics?? :-) Seriously, that is one of the coolest things I've heard all day. Maybe you'll post about it sometime?? I'd love to hear more about it


May said...

That was just great, Petit Fleur. I do love the circus! I'm so glad that there are still a few little circuses around to bring magic to the kids. You've reminded me that I should take advantage of the fact that T-town has one of its very own. Thank you for that.
love and kisses,

Petit fleur said...

Oh Ms Maybella! I love when you stop by here.

I think this weekend is the last one for this particular show... it was really fun!

Also, there are beautiful men flying around on the trapeze! Oh there is one in particular with long sexy locks... Oh my!

Have a good weekend whatever you do.