Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few of my favorite dudes.


Kevin read my post, and sent me this digi-pick.  Do you love those eyes?  Do you?? I think he was somewhat shocked by my gushing...(I'm not a gusher by nature), but pleased as well.

I couldn't get the pictures side by side unless they were very small.  But you can see the resemblance, no?  BTW, I have it on good authority that Kevin is pretty much over the dude comparison... but he indulges me.  I've gotta love  a man who indulges me.

Have a cool and groovy day ya'll.


JoJo said...

The resemblance really is amazing! I never 'got' "The Big Lebowski" at all. Brian and I got about halfway thru the movie and bailed on it. Neither of us got it at all.

Kevin has beautiful eyes!

Petit fleur said...

Wow! That really surprises me... although, I had a good friend that could not get through FisherKing because of Robin William's hairy chest! ;-P

Anyway, if you're not a Coen Bros fan, then I guess it would be a little out there. Did you stay with it in time for Turturo's performance... Oh MY GOD!!! It's sort of a slice of life kind of thing that you just have to let flow over you.

He does have lovely eyes, yes.
Peace lady,

Rebecca said...

The stash and goat is what makes the similarities look even more alike.

Sal said...

Yea, and there are also mannerisms and attitude and all that too... those things that can't be seen in blogland.

Thanks for stopping Rebecca. I am coming over to visit you in a minute here.

jen said...

His eyes seems to say, "I can listen to a story and have a few of my own, but I don't HAVE to listen or HAVE to tell you. We can just sit here and whittle wood together if you like." WOW. I will try to let that feeling settle into me.....thanks for posting about him again.....

Petit fleur said...

Jen... YES! You've got it! No pressure, just flow.

Thanks for visiting.