Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy day Blues...

This morning, Harley and I are watching Pooh's Grand Adventure for the 67th time. It's raining and chilly out. Gray as far as the eye can see. It's been this way for what seems like forever this year. The weather has been crazy whack-a-do, which is not unusual for Florida, but still annoying. A few nights ago we were running our A/C, and the very next night, it was FREEZING again. WTF?

As many others in our little bloggy orbit, I have not done a single thing to prepare for Christmas. Yea, we have our tree up and it's fabulous,.. We even put up the dragonfly lights, but as far as shopping and sending cards... not so much. Why do we do this? WHY?? We don't even do a real big present thing, but we do make sure Harley has a few choice things to open. this year, we have just been dragging ass badly. Maybe it's time to break out a new focus wheel! ha!

We do have a birthday party to look forward to today for one of Harley's dear friends. Guess where it is? Yep, the park. It's chilly and wet, and we will all dutifully go to the park and wonder what the hell we are all doing there on a day like today. It will be a nice diversion from the Christmas procrastination blues though, so there is that.

The one thing that does make me feel calmer is counting my blessings, which I try to do as much as possible. This is a relatively new thing for me. I mean I kind of always know they are there in the back of my mind, but I've always been more focused on what's wrong, and taking the blessings/good things for granted. I've become much better at acknowledging them in my old age though, and it really does help to calm the buzzing. A few things have happened to others this week, which has really whipped my perspective back to what is important.

So, in my sweaty palm panic over not being prepared, I am also grateful that something so small, is my concern. I hope you all have many blessings this winter and stay safe and warm and loved.


Ms. Moon said...

That was sweet.

Petit fleur said...

Thank you Ms Moon. I'm feeling quite a bit better than when we spoke this morning. Hope you are too love.
xo m

Danielle said...

ah those chilly grey days arent my fav either..:-///

and..i have to confess ..i m so way beyondf my usuall christmas preparation..its...beyond words even..:-)

Petit fleur said...

Actually, before I had Harley, I liked them much better... you may have noticed with Little Santi that when they are cooped up, they go a little ga-ga! The days of decadently listening to the rain fall, drinking wine and reading all day are long gone for me!

Thanks for visiting.

Steph(anie) said...

"I kind of always know they are there in the back of my mind," I can so relate. :)

Petit fleur said...

He Steph,

Hope it's dry and sunny again at your place.

Danielle said...

ha! i m really really lucky that mini-s dont gets rainy day soon as i say: its to wet to go out to play...he luckily graps a audio book and starts to paint busses and yellow houses...other wise i might go crazy as well..because the weather here is all grey and mean since a month

Maggie May said...

i love that Pooh movie. my son and i used to watch it so often. merry merry :)

Petit fleur said...


You mean all that pent up energy doesn't drive the mini to outrageously bouncing off the wall behavior?? That is the part that is too much for me. Griffin will gladly stay indorrs and watch tv or play all day, but he gets too crazy when he doesn't run off someo of his endless energy.
Mini sounds like such a cool kiddo.
Thanks for stopping.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Maggie!

So good to see you. Thanks for stopping. Yes, we really love it too, or else it would have mysteriously disappeared by now!:-)
We like the Tiggr movie too. T I double Gu, RRrrrrrrrrrr!

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

mini is a cool kiddo..most of the time..when he cant get outside he plays for hours with trains, pen&paper, domino, power rangers tuff and i dont know what...he is also a big fan of audio books

so i m pretty lucky with that behaviour...:-)

thanks for stoping? over and over again..:-)

white rabbit said...

Little flower - do you have 'Thomas the Tank Engine' in the states?

If so - it will make you long for endlessly repeated Pooh!

Trust me on this ;)

Petit fleur said...


Wow. SUPER COOL kiddo, AND he cooks! I'm going to ask Santa for one of those!

It's nice to have visitors and I don't take them for granted as my blog is somewhat erratic and I feel, not so very interesting. I have very little time to get down what I really want, so I throw up whatever I can to just be doing something besides being mommy.
So happy I have another regular customer! I'm honored.


YES, WE DO HAVE THOMAS. YIKES!!! He adores all things Thomas as seeminly ALL American children do. Boys and girls alike. It's a crazy craze!

But what you all put us through with Thomas, is more that made up for with Kipper. God, I ADORE Kipper! I absolutely LOVE him! And the music is fantastic!!
Thanks for that! heheh. And thanks for peeking in on me.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Back at you, PF! Many blessings.

Love, SB.

Petit fleur said...

Thanks for stopping SB. I am so honored to hear from you at this busy time. I know you have a crazy end of the year.

Take it easy.
xo pf