Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Focus on LIFE

Do you spend an inordinate amount of time running about "doing"? Worrying about "doing"? Fulfilling obligations? Feeling scattered and panicky? .....By taking a minimum of 15 minutes a day for yourself to do something relaxing and fun is a great start to relieving some of that tension.

The Focus Wheel developed by Abraham Hicks is a good place to jump in... Just imagine spending some time getting to know yourself more deeply, re-framing limiting thoughts/patterns, and creating more focused energy and space in your life. Aaaah! Sounds heavenly, no?

As many of you know, I'm in training to become a Life Coach. It's been a fun and exciting journey so far. Along the way I'm coming across some incredible tools that I would like to share. Sometimes I feel like I'm swimming in so much great information, techniques and discoveries that I can't sort through them all, do them all, use them all fast enough! One of the best parts is I keep uncovering great ideas that I'd forgotten about, as well as areas of my self or by extension, my life, that I want to consciously improve.

I will be starting a coaching blog at some point, where I will list all sorts of these marvelous nuggets of self enhancement, but for now I will just post here. Mainly because I need to have a business name first! (BTW, any and all suggestions are welcome and encouraged!) I can't get crazy names like Personal Life Support out of my mind, and then realizing the term Life Support has that yucky plug pulling association... So, please please don your best creative fedora and help me here if you can!

In the meanwhile, here is a fabulous video on how the focus wheel works. I know people (friends) who are regular users of this method, and it works! It works in ways that you cannot imagine. It's an incredible tool, if you let yourself get into it. I am just beginning, so I'll let you know how that goes. For now, here is a marvelous video and a template for a focus wheel complete with instructions for your immediate experimentation. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying this will fix everything in your life.. or really anything. What I am saying is that it is a great starting place to begin focusing on yourself, and most people experience at least some benefits from spending time working it. I hope it works for you!)

Happy Focusing!
PS Don't forget to send me those business names! There's a free coaching session in it for you!

Focus Wheel template (PDF)


Ms. Moon said...

I think for it to work you'd have to believe in certain things. Like "Source Energy." What IS Source Energy?
I have a very hard time with concepts like this.
But you know me- I'm a mean, sceptical old woman. Sure doesn't make me right.

Petit fleur said...

I'm not sure if "source energy" is mentioned in the vid or not. I've only seen it once, but you don't have to believe in "source energy" so much as "energy" period. Also, the the power of your thoughts and how they effect your mood, actions and attitudes. It's a way of shifting your more to where you want them to go. It isn't a religion!

Petit fleur said...

I left out the word "mind"... It's a way to consciously help shift your MIND and thoughts in a direction of your choosing.

white rabbit said...

Have you ever come across a book by a guy called Luke Rhinehart called 'The Dice Man'? It's about a guy who takes every decision in his life, from the momentous to the most trivial, on the throw of the dice.

Let the dice decide!

I only tried this once. I ended uop a lawyer :-O

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm not good at creative clever names, but good luck with your contest.

Love you,


Petit fleur said...

SB-- Thanks all the same, it's just good to see you. Try that wheel, it's fun!
xo pf

WR--- HOLY SHIT!!!! I ACTUALLY DID read that book!!! I loved the idea of it, but I'm not sure if I finished because it began to freak me out somewhere in the middle. That is so weird... I mean I don't think I know another person (besides my hub) who's read that! Funny.

How would I let the dice decide though? Don't I have to choose some names first and whatever number it lands on, is the name? I don't even have any chosen yet. ugh! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ponder it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I forgot to ask, but what's up with those boob-touching zebra women in the damn picture? That's sort of titillating (no pun intended) fare for your blog. I mean, we go from dragon fly costumes to this shit. That's quite a damn jump, sister.

A concerned reader,


Petit fleur said...

HEHEHEHEHEH! You are so funny! I don't know what's up with them! It's a cool picture no?

You're correct, I guess it is a bit of a leap. I'm feeling leapy I guess. I'm a leaper! But I am ok, promise.

AND I did do the wheel today, and I swear I FEEL differently for the better! At least for this moment. Interesting. Keep ya'll skeptics posted.
xo pf

Steph(anie) said...

I'm game to try it :)

Petit fleur said...

Yay Steph! I hope you find it fun and helpful. One friend who uses it successfully also mentioned that she meditates on it and reads her statements once a day or if she's feeling low and needs a boost.

I'm stoked!
xo pf.