Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Classic Holiday Fare from a 70s Child

We all have our traditions and quirks... One of mine is that I just have to hear this bit at least one time during the season. It always makes me smile and it never gets old.

This one brings back memories... good message, mediocre song, interesting cast of characters, and the hair alone is worth watching for!

I never even heard this one till tonight, but I love Freddy and Queen:

I'm afraid Harley's favorite Christmas song next to Jingle bells, is entitled Happy Holidays ya'll, by Robert Earl Keen Jr. He knows most of the words, and what he doesn't know, he makes up... I just pray that he doesn't sing it at school!

Ms Moon was right, we're going to hell! But in the meanwhile, let us keep sharing our joys and seasonal cheer in whatever form that takes.
xo pf


white rabbit said...

Cheech and Chong!!!!

If you can remember sitting all the way through 'Up In Smoke' you weren't there.

As it were...

I'm thinking aboiut that one

Petit fleur said...

Yea, I was there. Didn't smoke in High School so many of the jokes I didn't get till later! But I always really loved the story of Santa Clause and his Old Lady. "A little more for Santa Clause, a little more for santa clause..."

JoJo said...

Do They Know It's Christmas is a great song!!! I've been a fan of the Boomtown Rats & Bob Geldof since I was 15. I did that song for my final exam in American Sign Language Class in college! I had to sign the song whilst lip synching it as well in front of the whole class and a video camera. I got an A.

Petit fleur said...


Welcome. Yea, you know, I like the message of the song, but I have an aversion to repition. So when it starts repeating I go a little insane.

Good job on your school project. Quite original!

Thanks for stopping. It was a nice surpise!

Petit fleur said...

PS The Quesn song is a lot more cheeky than I expected, and that was kind of a cool discovery for me. I dig Freddy.