Friday, December 4, 2009

Kitty cat, Dragon, and Dragonfly

Hey ya'll,

I have been wanting to post about our goings on... and we do have lots of fun pix and videos to share. The problem is we've been slam busy and getting over being sick, and recovering from company, Thanksgiving and Harley's birthday parties, and and and...

So here is the Halloween post. On the left we have mommy kitty. Mommy is ALWAYS a kitty. That is because it is easy and no smothery mask or costume etc... Harley was very insistent on being a dragonfly this year. And he was a marvelous dragonfly, for his school parade. For the actual tricks and treats evening of door knocking, he wanted to be a DRAGON, which is what he was last year as well. The costume is actually a dinosaur, (maybe a Brontosaurus??), but he calls it a dragon, and so for us, it is.

I had never even heard of a Dragonfly costume... nor had never even heard of any child being a dragonfly for Halloween... but that's probably because I'm out of the loop. Anyway, the hub, as usual, wanted to take the creative, cumbersome, frustrating method of MAKING the costume. Now, let me remind you, that he had been putting off getting the costume or even looking for it till 2 days BEFORE said event.. ok, so finally I talk him into just going to the fun shop and seeing what could be used or tweeked. They sold their last pair of dragonfly wings (YES, they DO sell Dragonfly wings, and apparently, a lot of them!) the day before. SO... we had to go back to plan A, making them. Let me also say, this always starts the same with hub... (who has not time to blow his nose really) "This won't take that long, maybe a couple of hours". Ok, every time I hear those words I cringe. You have to multiply 2 (hours) times 4, which is about how off he is normally. UGH! Let's not mention the perfectionism, time pressure and subsequent cussing and carrying on that this produces. Finally though, the costume was made and although it is very simple, was the talk of the town! Although it wasn't our intention (certainly NOT mine!) to make our costume, or to make anyone else feel remorse for not making their kid's costume... I heard a lot of "Next year, we are making our costume, that's beautiful"! So, if parents are getting more involved as a result, kudos for that. If they are becoming competitive, then kudo retraction is in order. It's hard to tell these days, parents are strange. Hub had to set a few straight that they were not looking where they were going and practically mowing over Snow White, Spider man AND Tinkerbell trying to get video of THEIR kids... Honestly, there is a limit to this capturing the moment shit, and I think that knocking over Snow White, Spider man and Tinkerbell is IT. Kudos to hub. Sigh.

We watched the parade and there was some really cool costumes. I will attempt to show you these. I am bad at this techno thing. Even the easiest of things... so no promises.

Ok, this brings us to Halloween night. On this night, he did not want to be dragonfly, but plain ole dragon. So we pulled out his old home made costume which was handed down by his dear cousin Jor Jor who lives in Melbourne. Jor Jor's mother is a long time BFF of PF's and she knows someone who makes costumes. They are marvelous! Anyway, we get lots of fun toys, clothes, costumes, etc... from cousin Jor Jor and they are always fabulous. So, we went to a local mall for tricks and treats because we don't exactly live in a suburb... I figured the lighting was good, and his costume would be very visible and we would be safe and could see where we are going. Did I mention there is a Barnes and Noble where mommy could procure a delicious espresso? Well, there was... thank the the Coffee Goddess! Ok, so here we are.... mommy thinking she is oh so clever and MOST of these damn businesses RAN OUT OF TREATS!!! Now, let me say this event was publicized way in advance... EVERYONE knew about it... it was from 6-8pm... We were there at 7!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??

So, off we went, to our old neighborhood, which was THE place to be. The streets were blocked off with those construction horses and kids, strollers, parents and ghouls and fairies of all sorts filled the streets. EUREKA! I even found a place to park immediately. Partly due to luck and partly because I used to live there, and partly because I'm damn good! Anyway, we had a blast and got lots of fun treats and saw lots of cool houses. I want to tell you these people are into this holiday.... probably much more than adults should be... but it worked for us.

I will see if I can post more of those pix. Thanks for stopping... Birthday post to follow.

Here is the striding princess!

The superhero trilogy, the world is safe again!!!


Ms. Moon said...

I wish you'd brought him over here for a treat. I had candy and everything! And it sure would have been a treat for me and Mr. Moon. That boy is growing up too fast.

Ms. Moon said...

P.S. You are a cute kitty.

Petit fleur said...

Dang! I didn't realize anyone in Lloyd did Halloween... We left candy out for 2 years near our pumpkin and no takers.

Next year, we WILL come by. Who knows who Gman will be, but I will be a kitty.
heh! Thanks for the ps.
xoxo pf ps Tonight was really great! I'm going to have to get one of that man's books. And you were magnificent as always.

Zengoof said...

Sweet. Hub doesn't come out too bad -- aside from being a thickheaded male, which he can't help! MM is right - you are a cute kitty - meeooww!

white rabbit said...

I'm amazed at the dragonfly outfit - quality but amazing :-O

Danielle said... cool is that ...a dragonfly totally down for the creativity..:-)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Honestly, there is a limit to this capturing the moment shit, and I think that knocking over Snow White, Spider man and Tinkerbell is IT. Kudos to hub. Sigh.

That made me laugh, PF. The costume is adorable and so is Harley. I collect dragonflies. I love them.


Petit fleur said...

Zen-- Hub did REAL good! Yay hub! Meeeow to you too!

WR-- Why thank you for the sweet compliment. Will pass it on to Harley and hub. They are really the ones behind it. I am merely a reporter on this project. :-)

Danielle, Thanks! We will pass on your fine words.

SB-- So happy to have made you laugh. THAT makes my whole day! Thanks for words about Harley and his DF get up. Will pass them along.
Cool that you collect DFs... We love them too.
xo pf

Steph(anie) said...

This is great!

Petit fleur said...

Thanks Steph.... I have wanted to post about the birthday madness, but I sort of feel caught between still sort of recovering, and getting ready for Christmas! yikes!

Good to see you.

PJ Mama said...

So how did you make the Dragon Fly costume? It turned out great!

Petit fleur said...

Hey PJ Mama,

Well, we had the blue pajamas, which were just sweats and a long sleeve match... My husband made the wings out of styrophome, then covered them with a thin fabric. Then they were threaded through a sort of harness of sorts. The eyes were styrophome balls with just some magic marker for the eyeballs.

It was a bit of an undertaking. Last year he was word girl and I made that one. It was quite a bit more intuitive for me and not so much architecture!

Thanks for stopping.