Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what the hell's happening on Sesame Street?

Alright, I know things change, but if something works, why fix it? I watch a lot of Sesame Street these days, and I am more than annoyed with the dropping of certain characters. Where's Kermie? Miss Piggy? Fozzy Bear? the Pink Monster with the black eyebrows? The Count?

These characters are fun and did not have screechy voices. (ok, Miss Piggy did get a tad irritating sometimes...) In my memory they did not dummy things down for kids. They were just funny and oddly a lot like personalities you would meet in real life... Miss Piggy, the narcissist, Kermie, her more serious counterpart/pursuer, Fozzy Bear, the funny guy/class clown... The Count, the bean counter. I mean, this cast was dripping in metaphor fun for the adult as well as entertaining for both adults and children. Hell, we don't even see much of Bert and Ernie anymore.

Now we have Abbie, the ding a ling fairy... I mean, yea, she's cute, but she's annoyingly dense. Don't EVEN get me started on ELMO. I hate that little red bastard! His voice is annoying, he screeches too much, his character is fake-ish (that's saying a lot when you are talking about a damn puppet) and that Mr. Noodle, while he is slap sticky funny for kids... he is just stupid. I can't believe this guy gets paid! Then there is Elmo's computer. UGH. I can't even go there. What would Jim Henson think of all this?

Now I realize this sounds completely whacked and harsh. I know the "KIDS LOVE ELMO!" But they also love ice cream, candy, video games, and staying up all night.... doesn't mean it's good for them. Doesn't mean they are learning good things or nourishing themselves from these things. Now, I know, ice cream is FUN, Elmo is FUN, staying up is FUN! Yea, but if it's done in moderation, not to excess. And fun doesn't have to be annoying and stupid. As far as I'm concerned these characters being regulars on the show is like feeding kids sugar coated sugar pills for their developing brains. I'll stay away from what it's like for adults... woops! too late~

What happened to the number of the day song, remember 3 3 3 3 let's sing a song of 3. How many is 3? Then they would count several objects and at the end there would be guy carrying like 3 chocolate mousse piiiiiies! Then he'd start to wobble, loose his balance, then crash and burn with all the pie goo smooshing all over him! So fun without being stupid! How about one of these things is not like the others? Why does a kid need to know how to make a sushi roll? THAT is what is being shown now. WTF????!!!

When asked to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow at one of her concerts, Liza respectfully replied. "I'm sorry, that song has been sung." Some things should just NOT be messed with, and for ME, Sesame Street Muppet's characters is one of them! Jesus, Elmo's on, I have to run in the other room before I puke on my screen!


Ms. Moon said...

That was beautiful and reminded me of all the Sesame Street I watched over the years with my kids. I loved Sesame Street. So did my kids.
Sorry it's going downhill.
Dang. Nothing good lasts forever, does it?
Very nice post, by the way, sweet neighbor.

erin said...

Elijah used to love Elmo, for about two months. Now he's moved on to Blue's Clues.

I think the most annoying of all annoying cartoons is Calliou on PBS. I can't stand that sniveling little shit. :D

downtown guy said...

The people who voiced those characters are gone or involved in other things now. I think that has a lot to do with it.

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon,

Thank you for the encouragement. I sort of thought people's comments were going to be more like: "Damn woman, grow up and get a life!" So it was especially nice to receive a sweet one.

Erin, As much as I hate to admit it, Harley lights up when Elmo appears. Crrrrringe! What are ya gonna do? They have Marketing Phd's figuring out what kids will respond to anymore. They don't have a chance. Oh, btw, if you have little ones 2-4yrs, try Kipper the dog. Very sweet cartoon.

Hank, I'm sure you're probably right about the characters. Hell, Mr. Hooper and that other guy are definitely not with us anymore. But I have to bitch about it anyway because they could still do the fun number song, and some of the other standards that don't require the voices... I'll probably get over it. Someday! :-)

Kori said...

Owen doesn't know who Elmo is. I kid you not. And whatever happened to GROVER? I loved grover. I loved this post.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Kori!

Thanks for popping in. Yea, I love me some Grover too. I was going to mention him, but he actually does appear about once a week... I think. Not NEARLY enough though, you are so right.

I just feel like an old curmudgeon bitching about the Muppets... so especially reassuring to be in good company! Thanks again.

Identify with Dexter said...

Dripping in metaphor, they were. Nicely worded! What I loved about Sesame Street was the ball rolling on the tracks and the song, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.....11 Twel-e-e-e-e-elve! Remember, it was like a slow motion cartoon? And the loveable cookie monster and the neurotic piano-playing perfectionist. "I'll neva, neva, neva get it!!" You are so right--no wonder adults loved that show too. What a fun post!

Petit fleur said...

YEP!! I DO remember that song! They'd sing it forward and then backward! I only have vague memory of the ball rolling down the track... my memory is so jammed full of all kinds of stuff, it just dumps sometimes without my permission.

Glad you liked it!