Friday, August 7, 2009


This post is dedicated to all my bloggy friends who love to wear black. And you know who you are dahlings!

I googled "pretty pictures" and so many oddball things came up. This is one of them. It's obviously an album cover, but it's done in the syle of a movie poster. Clever, no? And so glaaaaaamorous~ I came across it and just thought it was marvelous. I really like the old style of it, and the kitschy thing too. Are those two the same? I mean many kitschy things are old, but I don't think it's a requirement. Yes, I'm going with old is a subset of kitschy. Anyway, I like it. A lot. Oh, and I'm pretty sure they are foreign. They are cutting and a new album in Copenhagen.

Even their name is hip and groovy, The RAVEONETTES! And yet it also reminds me of eating Raisonettes at the movies, which I love~ but is not necessarily hip and groovy.... For all these reasons, I suspected that I would also like their music And I do~ I really do! It's sort of beachy, 50's rock and sort of Hillbilly Frankenstein/Roxy Music sound mixed in with another band that I like (an all chick band), but I can't remember the name of it. This is what getting old looks like ya'll. When you can't remember the name of one of your favorite chick bands, you've arrived. DOH! It's a super cool name too by the way. (Hank, knower of many many things, can you help me out here?)

So, there you go and there you have it. I was restless and uninspired, so I played around in GOOGLE, looking for pretty pictures. This led to numerous hilarious and strange viewings and now I have a new band to check out. Besides the striking pink cover, the words "Pretty in Black" stood out. It made me think of all my bloggy friends who like me, like to wear black. Although I'm not goth and I suspect they aren't either. But I'm digressing. What I mean to say, is that you, my cyber-bloggy friends, help color my world. And today it was black and pink... and musical. Thanks ya'll!


erin said...

My four year old Maxine is totally goth. Her favorite color is black and her bedspread is black and dark pink. It compliments her brother blue and white crib set oh so well...

Ms. Moon said...

Lily's favorite colors are pink and black.
Why DO we wear so much black? Not like we're in NYC or something.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Erin,

Yea, keep your eye on that child, she may be a wild one!

I was cracking up so hard at your last post. I love your minions too. They are a riot! They really play off your humor like they've been doing it all their lives.

MM--Because it's awesome. Simply put, it is quite mysterious and it looks great. It makes anyone's features more striking, I think.... but that's just me. The unfortunate thing is that it absorbs energy, so if you believe in that sort of thing, when you were black you are more sensitive to ALL energies around you, both good and bad.

Petit fleur said...

ah that is when you "wear" black, not so much when you "were" black!

Spiral Dancer said...

I love that band!! thank you just checking them out now..nice sounds yeah..very cool.