Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newest member of our family

Isn't she precious?  Her name is Aurora Valentine.  She has made me a great aunt for the second time!  I am so excited that she is here!  Unfortunately, she lives all the way on the other coast from us, so I'm not sure when I will get to HOLD her.  Hopefully in the spring.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying the view for now and hopefully I'll get to talk to her mommy tomorrow.  We have been having phone issues on this end and between that and respect for family bonding time, we have not made voice contact yet.

Feeling the love today!


Maggie May said...

Ooooo she is lovely! I love her name too, how beautiful.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Maggie! Thanks. There is a story to the name having to do with my niece, Laura, (Aurora's mom)being awake to see the sunrise on the morning she was born. The Valentine is after Laura's father/my brother who's middle name was Valentino because he was born on Valentines day. Sweet.

Steph(anie) said...

Sweet sweet face.

Ms. Moon said...

Aw, Sweetie. Congratulations on more tangible love in the family!

Rebecca said...

She is a gorgeous baby! Love that precious round face with chubby cheeks!

JoJo said...

Welcome to the world! And what a lovely name!! Congratulations to you and your whole family!

Petit fleur said...

Steph, Ms Moon, Rebecca and Jojo,

Thanks for the kudos and well wishes!

Aren't babies divine?

Love youz,

Akannie said...

Congrats, GA!! I just got one too, about 5 months ago or so. They ROCK !!!!!

white rabbit said...

Aren't babies fun? I'd suggest keeping her (I mean her parents should - not inciting kidnap.