Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Danger Zone.

 Sterling Archer and Lana Kane, my heroes

Spent all day out today.  As in ALL freaking DAY!

First got my new tag.  One great thing about the little county we live in is that there is NEVER anyone at the DMV or the Tax Collector's office... and if there is you prolly know them, and it's cool.  So basically you're in and out in about 5 seconds flat.  In fact, I was done before Harley finished his level of Angry Birds, which sort of annoyed him.  Mostly because I am a mean mom, and won't let him walk while i padding.  In fact I won't let him walk without the cover covering the screen.  So, there you go.  Lickity split, I'm tagged.

Off to school.  Drop off Harley and rush to lunch with a friend.  She brought birthday gifties which was charming.

Then back to school for more torture.  I missed my volunteer day when Harley was sick last week, so I'm making up time to get our tuition reduction for the month.  It really isn't bad.  In fact, most days I love it, but I've been spending an inordinate amount of time there and am in need of a BREAK!  Stayed till end of school then Harley and I went to return a movie to the library and pick up hay for the bun.  We literally pick up our own hay.  (The owner lets us take the scraps that they sweep off the loading dock.)  It is quite the deal if you only have one beastly bunny and you're broke.  It costs a  small damn fortune at regular stores for a tiny package of Timothy hay.  So yay me.

Then, off to Chickfile for some yummy junk food and ice cream.  Then back to school for family meeting night. Hooray!  They are actually kind of cool.  The owner of the school and other interested parties bring food and drink.  (I just couldn't wait that long to eat again.  oink.oink)  Tonight's school menu included: Veggie/tomato soup, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, some kind of salady lookin thing, tiny burritos and chips with salsa.  Lemonade to drink.  All home made!  Well, the burritos, the salady thing and soup were anyway.  So, got through that and was only strong armed into being on one additional committee...  This gives me hives just thinking about it.  I don't even like the word "committee".  But here I am, all committeed up.  sigh. At least it's a good committee.  It's the let's all raise funds to go to Puerto Rico for the international free school conference!  hooray!  I hope we get there.  

Finally, time to come home.  Hose off the child, tickle him to sleep and then the grand finale of my day.  Wait for it............................................................................................................................................................

The latest bootleg episode of Archer, possibly the funniest show ever created.  EVER!  It is seriously nasty, sick, twisted and crude...relentlessly so, but I swear I laugh till I'm sore.  I wish I had the nads to say half the stuff they do to people and just watch their faces contort in horror shock and disbelief!  Stammer stammer stammer... heheheheh! 

So, as you can see, it's been a full and complete day and I've sort of hurled my last marble as far as I could.  And that can only mean one thing... MORE Archer! Or maybe sleep.... or more ARCHER!


Ms. Moon said...

I just HATE the word "committee" and all it entails.
You are living a full and good life, Ms. Fleur.

JoJo said...

WOW! I got exhausted reading all the stuff you had to do! lol

I hear you on being strong armed onto a committee. I have had several classmates asking me to take the lead on organizing our 30th class reunion this year. There is just no way. I don't mind being a helper on it but I am NOT taking the lead. I'm not a leader and between my mom, the impending arrival of my dog from WA, etc etc I just don't think I'll have time.

white rabbit said...

I was a little puzzled by the reference to being tagged. Over here that means being fitted for a home detention curfew as a condition of bail or early release...


Jus sayin

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