Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Times

Yesterday we were invited to a party of one of the girl's from Harley's school.  We love love LOVE his school and most everyone involved with it.  We made some veggie soup to bring as an alternative to the usual party fare... and because it was freezing outside! The party was actually AT the school.  The parents of the birthday girl rented out the meeting hall room for the party.  It was grand!  The kiddos got to play on the playground and in the nearby woods.  Lovely.

When all the kid party hoopla was over, the birthday girl's parents invited a handful of us over for a bonfire and continuation of low key celebratory hoopla and beer!  Yea, it was good.  We have not spent that amount of time in the company of others in I don't know how long.  We spent a total of 8 hours with these people!  They are just that good and fun.  I had to tear the boys and myself away at 10pm.  I just knew that although we could have stayed longer, as many folks were, we'd pay dearly today.  Besides, I was beginning to feel a bit like the "things that wouldn't leave"!  (Remember that LNL skit?)  Anyway, it was just so much fun to be around cool and groovy adults and have enough kids to entertain each other so that you can actually enjoy being around the cool and groovy adults!  There was turkey sausage chilly to eat and Quesadillas and leftover cheese and veggie plates from the first party.  It was grand!

Then to top it all off, an old friend who used to be my sort of boss and his wife came!  Turns out they live down the road.  I haven't seen them in a very long time and they are just incredible folks.  And the man who I actually met first and worked with brought a guitar, so there was bonfire sing a longs! whoot!

Harley busied himself with the other kids in the birthday girl's room playing with some of her new stuff, then they all jumped on the trampoline, ran around the yard looking for sticks, snacking and stuffing their faces with giant marshmellows that were supposed to be for roasting over the fire... oh well.  By the time we got home Harley was half asleep.  After Marc put him in bed he asked for me.  When I got to his room, he was face planted in his bed, not having brushed his teeth or fed the fish!  It was like looking at a tiny drunk!  He hasn't passed out like that since he was a toddler.  Seriously.  It was good to have him be so cooperative at bedtime!  I wonder if they'd let us come over for a bonfire every day?  heh heh!


Ms. Moon said...

What a good report of a great party! At least it sounds like it. Glad you got to go.

JoJo said...

Sounds like a great time!! That's funny though about Harley, passed out cold on the bed from exhaustion!!

Rubye Jack said...

Sounds like a terrific party like in who could ask for anything more?

Petit fleur said...

MM Jojo and Rubye J

Yea, it was pretty great. This morning Harley had what I believe to be a sugar hangover... or maybe a marshmellow intestinal blockage. He could not eat most of the day and actually took a nap. (An event that has not happened since he was 2~)

He's had a children laxm a bite of prune, and half of a dark chocolate pretzel... Now we wait!

Isn't life completely ludicrous at times?
xo ya'll

Steph(anie) said...

good company rocks :)