Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Matt update and Harleyisms

Most of you, my dear itsy bitsy exceptionally groovy cult following know that my nephew was recently in a horrible car accident.   The result of which makes me more than ever want to have a disintigrater gun so I can rid the world of texting drivers.  

Matt continues to improve, albeit ever so slowly.  He is now opening his eyes more frequently, but cannot see or speak.  (He has a trach, so that explains the not speaking)  He does move his mouth and tries to speak, but as long as he has the trach, I'm pretty sure that won't be a possibility.  He can hear and follows his families voices.  My niece, who is Matt's best friend, is also a trained singer.  She sings to him often.  He prefers the slower songs and will fix his eyes in her direction when she is singing.  When she sings songs with a faster rhythm, he turns away, obviously wanting to be soothed and not entertained.  He will need the back surgery as his spine is messed up.  The good news is that there is only a little swelling on the actual spinal chord.  They will do the back surgery next week sometime. (Any prayers, good thoughts and well wishes are welcome!)  
The other good thing he does is he can do certain commands, which lets us know he can understand and respond to what is being asked of him... Jesus, all I can think of when I hear this is that Alfred Hitchcock episode... you know the one, where a guy is pronounced dead, but he is just paralyzed.  You can hear his thoughts as he's figuring out that nobody knows he's alive and at the end he manages to move his pinkie finger. Ugh!  Anyway, he is following simple commands: "Close your mouth" , "blink twice", etc.... and he does have feelings in his legs, so Team Matt is very pleased with all of this progress.  I am a little concerned that he is unable to see and wondering if this will be permanent, but in the scheme of things, there is much more good than bad.  So YAY!?

On to Harleyisms:

While playing a computer game he says: "Observe the master at work!"

Did I mention that he wants to use my beads to make the astroid belt in his room.  (Ms Moon's lovely Lily and Owen gave him hanging planets for his birthday and he adores them.... and wants to add a hanging astroid belt to go with!) sigh.

We have to do deep breaths at night to calm down at bed time.  We've made a game of it.  Every night it's the same:  Can you give me ten?  Ten?  I can do a hundred!  But can you do ten?  Of course!  If I can do a hundred, I can do ten!  Ok, then prove it!  And he does.

Harley:  "I want to make a website and call it, Healthy Food, Healty Body.  There will be a kid section with foods like (soy veggie) hot dogs and green beans and an adult section with Broccoli and Eggplant.  Then there will be a section for everyone with things like Pizza, Hummus and Oatmeal."  

While talking about beating his dad at a card game I said, "Sounds like you kicked his butt!"  Then I was informed it was a close game so I retracted my statement, and dad said, "Oh no, he kicked it!"  Then Harley chimes in:  "Yea, I did kick it, just not very hard."   :-)

Ok, there were others that were shorter and funnier, but you know, my head is blank.  I just wanted to get something down for posterity. Hope ya'll have a happy hump day!


JenSandberg said...

Oh. There's such sweetness imagining your niece singing to Matt. I will keep him and his recovery in my prayers. My favorite yoga teacher asks that we dedicate our "practice" on the mat to someone, so at the next class I will be thinking of him. I hope the accident has brought closeness and a sense of grace to your family, amidst the pain and worry. ...... And for Harley, well, I'm laughing aloud and think you are the best MOM ever. All that pizazz he's free to embrace comes from you two allowing him to embrace it. I once read that kids lose their confident stance in the world at around age 8, so here's to him holding fast to his! Thanks for your stories about the world around him which he loves and appears to be devouring! Love ya.

JoJo said...

Your son really cracks me up. I'm digging his asteroid belt idea though. Very creative. That kid really thinks outside the box doesn't he? Keep encouraging that!!!

Glad to hear that Matt is still making progress and that he continues to improve. I didn't realize it was a texting driver...i automatically assumed DUI. I hope he or she is prosecuted in criminal court, over and above the PI lawsuit that I hope Matt's family files.

word verif: dress How'd your blog know I was still in my jammies?

Steph(anie) said...

Thank you for the Matt update, I've been wondering. Well wishes and positive thoughts continue.

Harley is very clever and creative to use your beads for an asteroid belt!

Ms. Moon said...

Glad to hear that there is progress. I hope it continues.
It would appear that birthday fairies came to my house. Thank-you! You guys are so sweet.
I'd call you but my phone's out. Sigh.

Petit fleur said...

Thanks ya'll for stoppin in and for your sweetness.

xoxo pf

Anonymous said...

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white rabbit said...

So glad about Matt.

Plus "Observe the master at work!"... I like! Plainly not a child who lacks in confidence - this is good!