Thursday, August 11, 2011

Growing up G-man

 Chubby Bunny!

Big boy, excited about a new book...
( I love that my kid gets excited about books.... God love him!)

As you can see, my baby has become quite the little man.  A real boy!  He is such a special critter, as all wee ones are. My wish is that all parents appreciate their children as we do Harley.  Harley is not his real name, it is his blog name.  I don't like to give too many details online because of an icky person in my past.  But suffice to say, that Harley, aka Gman is indeed growing up in his own unique way.

On today's menu was a special form of mommy agony.  He just started summer camp. (I know, a little late for that)... but... anyway, we thought it would be good to get him a little acclimated to his new school and some of the kids and teachers he'll be seeing regularly.  It has mostly been a good thing, but he still has a bit of  the separation sads.  He did great yesterday, but today was just a little bumpy again.  

He was waiting outside for his teacher, Mr. Louis to come back.  Mr. Louis was getting his glasses, then they were going to set up for movie day.  Gman seemed fine, so I kissed and hugged him goodbye and noticed his eyes were turning red and moist... But he bravely said good bye, so I began walking... hoping if I didn't make a big deal of it, he would become distracted and drawn into the goings on around him.  But I couldn't help it, I had to look back. There he was with tears welling, but not a full on cry.  I walked back and said why are you sad?  He said,  "I'm just used to you now".   I said, that's ok.  You will soon get used to all your friends here and your teachers and it will be easier to say goodbye.  He said:  "I know, it's ok".  Then out came Mr. Louis and another dear child who called to him:  "C'mon G-man, let's go!"  

Then I get one last "Goodbye Mom, I love you!"  

"I love you too Gman, see you at 2:30!"

"Okay Mom!"

Sigh.  It's so big to me, that he is learning to not only express his emotions, but acknowledge them and regulate them... and use them to his advantage rather than his detriment.  He clearly knew he was sad, but that it was also ok and would pass.  Then we both sort helped sooth his sads a bit... but I feel certain, he didn't need me for that, although it was wanted and appreciated.  "He's a fine boy" as our neighbor Israel used to say... And I'm certain he's going to be a fine man one day as well.

That boy.


Steph(anie) said...

Reading this gave my heart a squeeze.

Ms. Moon said...

Golly, he IS growing up so beautifully. Owen already knows "sad" and he acts it out with great drama. And then you get to hug him. It's sort of wonderful.

Rebecca said...

It's amazing how much he still looks like his baby photo that you posted though. What twinkly eyes and bright smile!

JoJo said...

He is just the cutest thing!!! I want to give that boy a hug!

Akannie said...

It would be hard to just keep walking, mama

I have my grandson (14) and my niece (8) here and we are having a ball.

But, I must say...I completely understand why it's young people who have the children. I am whomped! lol

Petit fleur said...

Hey Steph,

I'm glad!

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon,
Yea, sad and wonderful and and and everything in between.

Owen sure is cute!

Petit fleur said...


Come on down and get you one! You know where we are.

Petit fleur said...


You know, I often find myself muttering that last line you wrote to myself.... Yes, I know why young people have the bebes! IEEEEE!

Have fun with your kiddos this week.

Petit fleur said...


Good to see you. You are exactly right in your description of Harley. He actually shines!


Jen Sandberg said...

He is a radiant being! Can't wait to meet him someday. He can identify and express those sad things because he has parents who honor him and his experiences. His handling of his emotions are an indication of YOU in his life.