Friday, August 13, 2010

The Universe Speaks...

...And for once, I am listening.
I have been wanting to post about this for some time, only the words and the time never seem to coincide with my plans.   I wanted to make this a well thought out piece because it deserves that kind of attention, and yet, my life requires me to live in the now, so I don't have that luxury.... but irony's good too, no? 

First I want to tell a story about a friend of mine, who I have only known a little over a year, and never met in person.  I always believed that our paths were meant to cross, now in hind-sight, I know it.  Like many of us, we met on the internet.  Her name is Jenny, and she has helped me to change my life in such a profound way, I can't imagine my life without her in it anymore.  While I know there are millions of stories out there about this kind of phenomenon, this one is mine

The most incredible part of it, well, besides all of that we met in a very bizarre, happenstance manner.  Or was it?  The way we met was through this short little post: Dexter Mania that I almost DID NOT write back in July of last year.  The post was not even two paragraphs long, and if I had not posted it, I may never have crossed paths with Jenny, which I can't even fathom.  How strange the universe is?  I mean, (For those of you who are not acquainted with the Showtime series Dexter, it's about the life of a serial killer).  Much of it happens in the first person wherein you get to hear Dexter's thoughts as the story unfolds.  I think that this was a big part of our mutual fascination with the show... that, and it is extremely well done.

So, Jenny comments on this post, and she invites me to her blog about.... Dexter!  (Which I still go back and read now and then, it's that good!) We are both fascinated with human behavior and the mind, and we both find it important to consciously strive at furthering our respective personal evolutionary processes.  Neither of us likes or condones violence... much, and yet we are both rather obsessed with this show about a serial killer!  Maybe this is not as strange to anyone else, as it is to me, or as unlikely anyway.  

After visiting her blog, and her visiting mine, we became pen pals.  I knew by the way she expressed herself in words so beautifully and purposefully, (which by extension is the way her mind works also) that she was extraordinary.  Then we began skyping and sending photos and etc and really getting to know one another.  During  this time is when she re-introduced me to the idea of Life Coaching, among other things.  We talked and talked and wrote and wrote.  She was so intuitive and supportive of my interest in Life Coaching that I finally was able to break through the brick wall, which is my head, to see Life Coaching as reality for me.  I began to relax and loosen.  I began to give myself permission to  change and to grow and to do something I wanted.  Nobody else.  No matter how  uncomfortable it was for me or anyone else, I knew it was what I wanted. I knew I could be good at it, and then I saw it.  I saw myself being very very good at it.  (futuristically speaking.)  The potential is there, and although nobody in my family would likely ever approve of it, I was going to do this.  Which, at 47, should not be such a big deal I suppose, and yet, it was.  Jenny helped me figure that one out too! (Thank you J.)

I talked my hub into heaping yet MORE debt on our already hefty credit card balances so that I could get certified.  This was not as hard as I thought it would be considering.  He could see I was committed to it, and at this point, another thousand clams or so wasn't going to keep us from bankruptcy, if that was our destiny... That is what we came to anyway.  So, I did it, I got my paper and I was FREE!!  Free to get my business license that is.  And so I did that.  And all through out this process I was being supported by both Marc and Jenny.  They kept me sane, kept me moving and even volunteered to be Guinea pigs for my coaching homework assignments...  All along the way the universe has been whispering, and doors have been opening.  Things that I thought would be so hard, were not nearly as hard in practice, as they were in my head.   And it continues at my own pace....

I originally wanted to begin my business asap.,as in this summer.  However, Harley is still on summer break, so I decided to wait...  As serendipity would have it, without really even trying, I got my very first professional gig about a week ago~  It was scheduled (not by me!) for Sept 1st, right after school starts!   AND then.... in the interim, the hub gets a great new job, so the urgency to begin was lifted right around the same time anyway....  Perfect!

The Universe is still speaking, and I am perched on the edge of my chair!  
...To be continued.


JoJo said...

WHOOOO HOOOO!! Congratulations!! That's so awesome! And Jenny sounds like a peach too. :D

And btw, my hubby and I are obsessed w/ serial killers too. We are HARDCORE Manson freaks. And Ed Gein too. We watch so much true crime on the weekends, it's not even funny.

JoJo said...

OK, I think I was little TOO enthusiastic about our love of serial killers....I meant that we are also fascinated by psychology and human behavior. hahahha

Petit fleur said...

Hey Jojo,

You're so funny! I am fascinated by SKs. Mostly because I am fascinated by all behaviors, bur mostly oddball and misunderstood behavior.

The fact that many serial killers are brutal, and yet in some ways are just acting out their insanity the same as the rest of us do, is interesting to me. Their rituals are distorted and vile to most because they involve torture and death, which I agree is heinous, but that killer was an innocent child once, what happened? What are they trying to say? That's what I want to know.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I am so happy for you! It's great to have good friends like Jenny.

Much love,


Petit fleur said...

Hey SB,

Thank you! Yes, Jenny rocks, as do you! Wish you lived closer.

xo m

Terresa said...

I love the serendipity of the Internet & blog world. It blows my mind, really.

Congrats on your first gig, that is awesome!!

PS: Happy rest of's passing way too quickly, isn't it?

Maggie May said...

oh my gosh, this is so wonderful for you!!! i'm so happy for you, and proud you followed your 'north star'

Petit fleur said...

Hey Teresa,

Yes, so many connections, so much to learn and experience. I love it too, and I love the word serendipity! Thanks for using it!

And happy end of August to you too!
Thanks for stopping by. I've really been enjoying your blog Teresa. Your place has become a regular stop for me!

Petit fleur said...

Thanks Maggie. xo

jensandberg said...

Dear PF,
Remember that's how I used to address you in our early pen pal days? It seems like a hundred years ago. In the beginning of our friendship, I was very attracted to your ability to be transparent and human in your blog and continue to feel the same admiration as I read this blog entry. Thank you for being so open and giving. I feel honored that you would write about our friendship. I want you to know that your changes and overhauling are reflected in my own. Refurbishing myself in another country was bound to happen, but your support made it so much more do-able, quenchable. Thank you thank you for your words, your tremendous uplifting nature, and your courage to blog about whatever is currently hot on your plate. I really appreciate you and can't wait to be together live!!

Petit fleur said...

Hey Jenny!

Yea, I remember. :-)

Thanks for reminding me of all the good parts of myself... and for just being YOU!

xoxo pf (For old time's sake!)