Friday, August 6, 2010

Pump up the volume

This is Harley's new favorite song.

He sings it throughout the day and when we are driving, I'm instructed to please put "Way UP" on repeat...  Who is this kid?  I mean, yes we expose him to what we believe to be good music, art, ideas, etc... but it doesn't mean he has to like it, or to respond to it as he does.  He is as obsessed or more with this song as I was the first time I heard it.

One day this week, I was instructed to please take out the "Steve Songs" CD (Mr. Steve is a PBS kid's star)and put in the Dean Martin CD.... Oh LORD!  He used to also do this with his compilation CD:  featuring Dylan, the Beatles, Cake,  Keb Mo, Harry Conick, etc...  so this is not entirely new.  However, by instructing me to take out the kid icon CD, Mr. Steve, and replace it with the Dean Martin CD was unprecedented! (He adores Mr. Steve~)

Yesterday, we spent the whole day swimming at a public pool.  Griffin went from singing an old Dean Martin standard, "Dance with me"  to "Way UP!"   Nobody around us knew what he/we were singing, but we did. And our glee was uncontainable.   We finally cooled off (it's been rather hot in these parts) and were able to do it OUTside!   The only way it could have been better is if they sold ice cream.  They do not.

.If you have a few minutes, watch this clip.  It's the ending to the Divine Ya Ya movie, and it's precious.

I sometimes get a little wistful wondering how many other kids would love these kinds of songs and keep them alive, and sew a thread from  our shared artistic/cultural history to our present... and future.  And if it will happen..?  I hope so.


white rabbit said...

When my older son was about 4, under malign paternal influence he loved the Dead's 'Casey Jones'.

He used to wander around singing the opening lines 'driving my train/high on cocaine'

Of course he hadn't a clue what it meant but I'm just glad never to have come to the attention of social services as a result.

Petit fleur said...


Very funny! I'm so happy and not at all surprised to hear that your children (child) is one that is carrying the torch!

We had similar concerns with Harley and Roadhouse Blues... So far so good though. Thanks for stopping.
xo pf

Terresa said...

Of late, my kids are requesting Ben Folds, especially the song, "Zack and Sarah" (we have family members with those names, and the kids identify with that).

Love the Ya Ya movie, that's a reminder I need to watch it again. A delight!!

PS: They Might be Giants & Cake are also on our top 100 song MP3 CD we drive around and listen to endlessly in our family van. (sigh) Music is part of the tapestry of our lives, isn't it? Life would be so bland without it.

Petit fleur said...


I'm not surprised your younguns' are carrying the torch too! It warms my heart to hear stories of children singing. Many do not so much as I remember me and my friends singing when we were small. Humming little tunes or singing while playing. So sweet to hear their little voices!

Yes, the Yayas are indeed divine. So well made too. Hope you get to see it again soon.

JoJo said...

I know that I appreciate the Big Band music that my dad listened to when I was a little kid.

Petit fleur said...

Yay Jojo! I LOVE Big Band/swing and all that jazz!! Cha cha cha chaaaah!

jensandberg said...

You choose the best corners of the spirit to expose. I LOVE THE MAHALIA. Thank you so much! I hope my kids are at least half the giddy-up that Harley is!