Friday, May 21, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

The Evil Pain Clown review:
Here's a record i picked up in edmonton this month, at a goodwill, it's kind of like a dirty version of laugh it up with ray and it's not really really dirty, more double entendres then anything, and some great oneliners, there are three brothers but two of them do all the talking, of course one is the straight man, while the other is the brother from hell...really really funny, now since this albums is from the early sixties, the comedy is topical for the time, there are some moments of "political incorrectness", and lots of "commie" talk but all in all a pretty funny disk...enjoy!  

Ok, I'm back.  Me, PF.  This album is one of my dad and his brothers'.  I found this post one night while Googling "The Richie Brothers", never thinking I'd find anything.  (Thanks to White Rabbit for reminding  me to "borrow" this post this and Thanks to the  Evil Pain Clown for actually posting it!)

This music, the humor and the outrageousness is what I grew up with.  It was all normal, and it still comforts me to listen to it.  I really miss the music and the food, the laughing, the booze, the coffee and pastries...and even the fighting and making up.  All three of them, my dad and his brothers are all gone now, and they took a good chunk of magic with them.


Ms. Moon said...

But how amazing that you have THIS to remember them by. Solid evidence of your memories. What a cool clear blessing!

white rabbit said...

Oh Okay! That's cool. Glad to have inadvertently prompted you. It sounds a mess of fun as an upbringing!

Petit fleur said...

Miss Moon,
I know, most of the time I do feel that way. For now my heart is grieving and so I'm letting it.
Thanx for stopping.
xo pf

It was a mess of fun! But sometimes it was just a mess. All that drama wasn't just an act. I miss it all the same.

Thanks for stopping and for your post on Albert. That was precious.

JoJo said...

This album is of your dad and his brothers? OMG that is AMAZING! :O Very, very cool!!! Sounds like your family was a lot of fun!