Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harley's Head

(In response to very close/loud thunder) "That scared me right out of my underpants!!  Only, I'm not wearing underpants, just my fast pants."  (Fast pants are his special pj pants which make him very very fast.)

"If you don't do what I say, I will yell!  Just like YOU DO"!!! (sigh)

"Now I have 2 invisible friends".

"Mom, you need to take a deep breath".

"Will it be my birthday again soon"?


Ms. Moon said...

As hard as it is, you have to keep remembering- YOU ARE THE PARENT!
And as smart as he is (genius!) you have more life-wisdom than he does and always will.
Do you need some eggs? Please?

Petit fleur said...

Yes. I AM the parent! Now will someone please tell Harley that? :-p

Eggs. Yes, thank you. We will have some.

Tomorrow after school ok?
xoxo pf

white rabbit said...

I quite like the idea of being scared out of my underpants...

JoJo said...

Man alive you are going to have to keep on your toes with that boy! lol

Danielle said...

ohhhhhh i like harley very much for beeing harley...:-)))))))

Petit fleur said...

WR~ Harley enjoys it too. I wonder if he will be a barrister when he grows up??

JoJO~ You put that in the future tense. The time is now. :-)

Danielle~ He is somethin. I'm glad you enjoy his antics!

xo ya'll