Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's happening already.

You see?   What with the mother's day pictures, stories and Tom Foolery, the trip pictures and stories are beginning to fade and feel not quite as interesting as the day's events.  We had a really fun family time with NO snarky snarks!  That, to me, was the most best-est par of all.  Usually there's at least ONE.

We had a rather event filled, spontaneous Mulberry picking experience among other "follow your nose" type of activities, which lead to the...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Get your berry stained willie hand out of your pants!"    ~Full credit goes to a very flustered and delightfully jumbled up hub. (Ah, yes, we are dorks and yes, we enjoy both full and partial credit quoting!)

There will be more posting on these and our other shenanigans to follow.  Promise.

Hope everyone had a marvelous day.


Rebecca said...

Love the need to but that as a signature on your posts or something.....Awesome!

JoJo said...

Well now I know where Harley gets his priceless quips from.... ;p

Petit fleur said...

It is a good one! I was told I got it wrong though, it was actually: "Get your berry stained hand out of your willie pants".

Works either way for me. :-p

JoJo~ Heh heh heh!

white rabbit said...

"Get your berry stained willie hand out of your pants!"

...or even willie pants

All very confusing. Think I lie down now...