Friday, January 23, 2009

This is not my beautiful cake.

This is the best birthday I can remember in a long time.... It all started last weekend when we got a surprise pre-birthday visit with my brother and his wife. Lots of pizza, wine and song, dancing, playing trains, and catching up. We always have such a great time when we get together. There is a chance my bro may get a gig up here, and I hope he does!

FF to my actual birthday, this week: My cousin who is a year or so older than I, called to wish me a Happy Birthday in the morning. He asked what I was doing, so I told him: "Well, right now I'm cussing at my husband's computer because he's changed all the dang commands on it... who does this?" Anyway, he figured that nobody else was around and he was quite distressed that I should be home alone on my birthday. (He has no children) I explained how wonderful it is to be alone for a few hours to get all the stuff done that has been hanging over my head... interruption free and alternate between radio stations at will. Happily switching between my own music to NPR without concern. I assured him that the boys would be home soon enough and the birthday madness would ensue! "Oh, well I guess that's alright then". He said not totally understanding what a luxurious treat it actually was, but surrendering his notion just the same. So I had a whole morning of catching up on laundry, errands, blogging and reading at my own pace. Woo! Pretty great!

Of course I got well wishing calls, emails, and ecards from various family members and even had a rather fun and lengthy conversation with my mom. (Very unusual, she doesn't like the phone much.) She assured me her card was en route and it had a sizable check enclosed. She's 84 and still can't keep a secret! hee hee! I'm to call or email my sister upon it's arrival, so as to be sure nobody has absconded with my present! She was also still all a flutter about the inauguration ceremony and festivities. She had to give me her own version of it and all the things she liked best. Cool.

Then at some point in the morning, a dear friend of mine snuck in the back door, leaving me a basket of her very first home made soaps. Let me tell you, I got quite a collection! I think she must have creeped in whilst I was cussing out the computer because I never even heard her! Needless to say it was really fun having a groovy surprise waiting for me as I shuffled back to the kitchen for a coffee refill.... muttering about my computer woes all the way. Ok, so back to the soap! Each one was individually wrapped in beautiful tissue and tied up with a ribbon. They were placed in a lovely basket garnished with a floral kerchief... aka, hankie. (I LOVE hankies!) But that's not all, I also got a home made card to go with! All retro and glitter with festive Spanish exclamations and a beautiful note. I will post a picture of the card when I can get my husband to help me with the transferring of pix to puter. (I'm dull that way) Unfortunately, I cannot post a picture of the Easter Egg soap basket as I ripped them open immediately! Shortly thereafter, I actually showered with one which contains home grown Loofah. I didn't even realize it was a plant... I guess I thought of it some sort of contorted sponge or petrified sea creature.. or a man made deal... anyway, it's not. And I think that was the best shower I've had in weeks! Aaaaah, home made soap is the greatest. I also got some home made lip balm and some home made soup from the same friend! (There is not much she can't do, and what she can't, her husband can.) They are without a doubt some of the coolest folks you'll ever meet.

I got to enjoy a long and much needed nap as well. Something that is very rare since our son gave up naps about 8 months ago, but I still dip hard in the afternoons. So, yet another "mommy treat"!

My son and my husband finally made it home with my favorite lunch from my favorite restaurant in tow. They spent a good part of the afternoon making me a fabulous red velvet cake with sprinkles and all. Then they hid it in the dishwasher so that I wouldn't see it, and ruin the "surprise". Very silly. When it was finally cake time, they brought it out, candles ablazing! It had lovely curly cue candles that, along with the sprinkles, looked an awful lot like confetti. It was very very tasty and festive... Oh and did I mention there were little surprise chocolate chips inside? A couple of our good friends & neighbors came over for cake and merry making. My son, Harley helped blow out the candles and the glee on his face is enough to melt hardest of hearts. So there we all were, with our hearts melted and our bellies full of cake. Yummy!

After Harley had worked off his sugar buzz and was safely tucked in, I got my present from daddy. It was the most lovely poem ever. He's a gifted poet. Seriously, I'm not saying that because he is my husband. His words are truly stunning and his feelings flow gracefully across the page. And he really sees me, which is also always so surprising for some reason. What a guy. He also bought me a copy of one of my favorite books which is a work book of sorts by Ted Andrews. My original was loaned out to my friend, LC, who as you know, lives on the row (refer to New Years in Prison post) . Anyway, I always intended on getting another copy so LC and I could do exercises in it together... and it never happened. The book was rather expensive for our budget, so I kept waiting for the price to come down and then forgot about it. So, now LC and I can resume our "work" together, and it's a great way to start the New Year.

It's funny, 3 years ago, this would not be my idea of birthday bliss. But now it's just perfect. Absolutely perfect. Hope on your birthday, you all get your own personal bliss.
Adios, and thanks for stopping by.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh, Ms. Fleur. I am so glad your birthday was a good one. It does sound perfect, especially the nap part. Yes. That would be my favorite part of the entire day. But then, sleeping is my hobby.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it over for yummy cake. The play, the play, THE PLAY! Why do I get involved with these things?
I guess because I love it.
And I love you....

petit fleur said...

Thanks Ms Moon... I can't wait to see the play!

Zengoof said...

Speaking of soap - have your heard this one: Someone is selling Obama soap, marketed as...The Audacity of Soap. I don't know whether to laugh or puke - sort like eating too much red velvet cake! I'm Be-lighted you had a wonderful birthday. It's tough in parentland to make room for - or even care about -- the celebrations and rituals that came before the tyke. It's nice to hear that even though the form has changed, something satisfying can replace it. Happy Birthday PF!

petit fleur said...

Have not heard of the Audacity of soap, but I think it's pretty darn funny! I'd use it.

Peace out,