Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rantin and a Ravin

If the words: "I hate it when that happens", don't mean anything to you, you are probably too young to continue reading this post. Not that you can't continue, it just won't make as much sense... I just feel like ranting, and while I am rather negative at the moment, I'm trying to put a humorous (if not nostalgic) spin on it.

-So, here it is, my list of rants O the day-

1- Dropping your toast, butter side down. (Or either side down on my kitchen floor.)
2- Poking a sharp stick in your eye.
3- Knowing you HAVE to get up when your house is freezing
and you are snuggly in the covers.
4- People talking on the phone and driving like ass.
5- Too much suspense! (It kills me :-)
6- Waking up one day to realize your metabolism
changed when you weren't looking.
7- Figuring out that #6 actually happened months ago and now, you are obese.
8- Tummy aches... or aches of any kind, really.
8- You think about the fact that the moment you are in now, will be a memory soon.
9- The economy tanks
10-You're startled at 4am by the 3 legged kitty, roaming the halls like the ghost of Captn Ahab.
11-The bad guys seem to be winning in the movie of choice... or worse, in life.
12-Everyone in the house including the fish want your attention at the same time.
13-Mean people.
14-Another sharp stick in the other eye.
15-A moral dilemma
16-Being pulled over when there are a million people who deserve it more!
17-The site of a cop, even when you're on foot, makes you slow down immediately.
18-Realizing that #17 just happened and wondering what the HELL is wrong with you!
19-Network TV
20-You realize exactly why your parents uttered that egotistical phrase:"Because I said so!"

Rant over.
Thanks for dropping in.


Ms. Moon said...

I agree with all of that. Beautiful ranting!

petit fleur said...

Thank you. I can only aspire to the ranting abilities of my ancestors. I've still got a ways to go. I'll get there.

Zengoof said...

Actually, I thought the ranting was comparatively restrained. I couldn't have ranted about politics, cops, tv getting fat, and Captain Ahab without at least one "this is f***ing bulls**t" in there. I suspect that underneath it all you may be more civilized than I. Hooda thunkit?

petit fleur said...

Thank you ZG. You do flatter an ole girl. Who's Hooda?

downtown guy said...

I want to put my finger in his mouth!

Petit fleur said...


Thanks for dropping by.

Yea, that is some pie hole!

Talk soon,

downtown guy said...

It's not a pie hole, it's a soup hole!

Petit fleur said...

Ok, you got me there. Too funny!