Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Happy New President Day~

Hello and Happy Inauguration Day!

Snuggly in our house this morning, we watched as thousands were gathered in breathless anticipation... Tonight I'm feeling grateful, peaceful, hopeful, excited, satisfied and just a wee bit smug! I never doubted that President Obama would indeed be our 44th president. I don't know why exactly. Once his hat was in the ring, I just knew, in the same way that some people describe how they knew that they were going to marry someone... and I'm sort of proud of that fact. I'm also proud that most of my family and friends got out and helped in the campaign as did my husband's family. It makes us feel all the more a part of creating our future instead of merely observing it.

I think the fact that Mr. Obama has officially taken office, is already beginning the healing process for the entire world--raising our spirits along with our hopes. Hell, the inauguration was so great, my 3 yr old sat and watched for about 30 minutes or so. (He especially liked the music) That was about all he could handle, then we had to find some train videos on UTUBE for him so we parents could finish watching the madness and jubilation and feel connected to it. I especially loved the Reverend Lowery. He was so right on and so darn cute! Is it bad to think of elders as cute? Anyway, it was a wonderful benediction and a great day to have a new president.


Peace-- PF


Zengoof said...

It's strange but true - there is this palpable group-consciousness welling up of hope. Oh -this is a very nice well-written post - I'm surprised no one has commented. PS Your husband sounds like an incredible guy.

petit fleur said...

Ah, yea, he is... mostly! Thanks for the comment. Are you married?