Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Spirit of the Blues meets the Ghosts of Halloween....

This photo was copied from the official Sauce Boss Blog.  Check.  It.  OUT!

There was a Halloween production at my son's school tonight.  The most fun-tastic school in the entire world.  They put on a dinner theater for all of the parents and families and teachers.   It is called The Hard Bite Cafe They were grrrrreat!  Their T shirts were a spoof of the Hard Rock with a big bite taken out of the image, complete with blood drippings.... Eeeewe!
 On the menu this evening:
Pollinated Brain Bits  (popcorn with nutritional yeast)
Witches Nails (Bugles)
Zombie Fingers with Butter Bugs. (Bread sticks with butter topped with poppy seeds and sunflower seeds)
Salad (Select one)
Eggy Eyeballs (No explanation needed)
Baby digits with Caterpillar Pate (Cottage Cheese and pesto with 5 baby carrots strategically placed)
Puke (Never did find out what that was)
Blood and Guts (spaghetti and red sauce)
Tick and Nits (Black beans and rice)
Dirty Worms (chocolate pudding with chocolate crunchies and gummy worms!)
Snowman #2s (Flavored ice cubes)
Cow Patties (Multigrain raisin cookie)
Bile (apple juice)
Hmoglobin (Fruit punch)

It was pretty funny listening to all the adults very seriously ordering their blood and guts with a side of Eggy Eyeballs and a glass of bile!  I guess I'm easily amused.  

The play was really sweet and funny.  It was about a story of the origins of Halloween and involved a ghost family and a human family living in the same house.  Most of the actors were girls and they were so stirrin' it up!  Even the ones who are normally quiet.  Then after the play they all sang a song, The Twelve Nghts of Halloween.  With each night a different younger kid comes out dressed like the question and parades across the stage, only to do it again on the next verse... ie (Vulture in a dead tree, 2 fat toads, etc...)  It doesn't sound as funny as it actually was.  Especially because the kids were kind of getting a little bored by the end I think so they started improving and making weird faces and gestures and etc...  It was a riot!

The motivating force behind this marvelous event is the school's math teacher, Miss Karrie.  She also happens to be the daughter in law of two dear friends from a life time ago, which also makes her the wife of their son, Floyd, with whom I've had the pleasure to work with in not one but two dining establishments.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.  They are so awesome, they are the Whartons.   I got to chat with Ruth (Momma Wharton, who is as lovely as ever), and catch up.  We talked about our "babies"-- she's got 2 others, one in LA and one in NY.  Everyone is well and happy.  

You may be asking yourself how this ties in with the rambling encounter of my evening and the the Spirit of Blues and etc.... well, I will tell you.

As it turns out, Harley was a chef in the little kid portrayals in the song....  He would come out on day 5 with a chef's hat and a pan of worms. (Five cooooooooked worms!)  And on the last one, he'd got to eat a worm!  Which made everyone gross out and laugh.  After the show, I was talking to Bill Wharton, who is not only husband to Ruth, and father to Floyd, he is also an internationally known and loved Blues musician, aka The Sauce Boss.  He  informed me that the chef hat my son was wearing is a genuine sauce boss hat!  To which I said, "You know, it's only more proof that my kid is the coolest!"  We laughed.  He told me that Karrie had called him and asked if he had a chef's hat.  He looked over his glasses at me in the way that he does when he's being silly and says "yea, I've got a few!"  So Harley got to wear a hat imbibed with spirit of the blues and which has probably traveled more places than I ever will, and he got to do it on stage, hamming it up just like that Boos himself!

That rocks people.  


Ms. Moon said...

The Whartons may be the coolest people on the planet.

JoJo said...

How FUN!!!!!!! What a clever teacher too and it sounds like a great time was had by all.

How is Matt by the way?

Steph(anie) said...

How cool is that?!

white rabbit said...

When I first went to school aged 5, we got school dinners of sick pie (quiche) and worms (spaghetti in tomato sauce.

Jus sayin.

Petit fleur said...

MMoon- They are definitely in the top tier.

Jojo-It really is a great school and I cannot really choose a favorite teacher, because they are all so precious and ways so unique to them, and so caring and powerful. I love them all. I sent you an email about Matt. Thanks for asking.

Steph- Totally cool. I wish you guys lived closer. I think Harley and Austin would be buds... and we could sit under trees and drink beer or margaritas or daquaries or or ro. Aaaah.

Rabbit- Thanks for hopping by. Always nice to see you.

Steph(anie) said...

That invitation and Harley's school might be worth moving for... my parents and grandparents are worth staying for though. :)