Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Madness

Yep, that's the Easter Bowie.  I hate our camera... that was almost a great photo!

Harley with his long awaited Bubble Gun.  He's been asking for one of these for ever.  

We were up with the rest of the parents who celebrate this holiday, at the crack of dawn practically.... ok, 7am.  It felt like the crack of dawn!  Harley was so excited to find his eggs that he completely disregarded the huge Easter basket loaded to the gills. (Just goes to show ya... we're the one's that screw em up with all the materialism... All he wanted to do was hunt for eggs while the bunny hopped!)  Well, once he got a gander of the bubble gun he changed his tune, but only slightly.  

We had one of the best Easters I can remember.  We are not religious or anything like that, so it wasn't to do with that.  It was just good.  We had a great family weekend.  Marc got Good Friday off, so that was a bonus.   So we spent that day with Harley, then Marc went to the local dog track to kick some poker ass... and he did.  Thank the Gods.  

Saturday, Harley and I went to the prison to spend time with our friend Gary and met his friends from Ireland who were visiting also.  I've been in correspondence with these people for years, but never met them.  It was grand!  All the kids were coloring, playing dominoes, snap, and generally horsing about and having so much fun they didn't want to leave... Can you imagine?  It really was a special day.  

Then Sunday was Easter and that was a dream.   It was just a smooth, harmonious, do whatever you want kind of day.  Then Easter evening we went to a good friend's house who hosts an annual egg hunt on his property.  It was fabulous!  You can let the kiddies roam free and know they are safe.  Adult beverages and sweet treats and yummy dip type things with yummy chips and and and,,,,  It was just plain ole goodness..  

I hope yours was fine too.  Happy Spring!


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds perfect! I shall be looking for bubbles drifting this way!

Steph(anie) said...

Sounds good all around.

Petit fleur said...

Ms Moon,

Yes beware of floating bubbles! Yet another reason to bring that boy over next time he visits. We can blow bubbles in the bunny's direction and watch him examine them...what fun!

It was! Looked like you guys had a fine time also. xo

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I can't believe how big Harley is getting. I want a damn Bubble Gun too. COOL.

Love you.