Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Love 4-Ever,a virtual Ethridge-Curry love fest!

Flux capacitor (fluks / -ka-‘pa-si-ter)  
The core component of Doctor Emmett Brown’s time travelling DeLorean in the movie Back to the Future .  The Flux Capacitor requires 1.21 jigawatts  of power to initiate time travel.  This power may either be supplied by a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor  or bolt of lightning channeled directly into the flux capacitor. Brown states, "The flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible." ~

I've been blogging for almost 2 years, and been visiting Maggie at her blog, Flux Capacitor for about that long as well.  She is an amazing woman.  It seems as though everything she is about is “getting it right”, (whatever “it” is in the moment) and enjoying her family and friends and giving wherever she can.

Maggie and her family are expecting a new member… very soon!  Her name is Ever Elizabeth.  She is expected to make her entrance sometime this month.  So today, several friends are honoring Maggie and her family by way of dedicating blog posts to them.  We are calling this celebration a virtual baby shower.  I’m elated to finally have an opportunity to give something back to Maggie.  And as a fellow Maggie-fan, I am also thrilled to help provide all Maggie’s readers, and the blog community at large this opportunity to participate in the celebration of Ever’s arrival.  So without any further ado let's get this party started!!! 

As most of you know, besides being a devoted wife, mother, teacher and all around bad ass, our Maggie is also an incredibly talented writer and poet.  Her voice is strong and kind and true, and I'd recognize it anywhere. Her words resonate with the passion of a driven artist.  One who needs to express with her words as much as she needs food or air. She can lift you up, or rip your heart out with a grapefruit spoon. Her blog includes poetry, prose and also serves as somewhat of an interactive online journal.   The honesty and tenderness with which she writes has been a blessing to me in the last few years.   Many of her challenges and victories are familiar, her words steady and soothe me.  This is why I could not resist including some of Maggie’s poetry...    This first was written for Maggie’s Mother and Grandmother Elizabeth. It is in honor of Grandmother Elizabeth, who is also Ever’s namesake. 

All grips come loose.
All waves let to water.
All that is whole falls apart.
All that was Mother, Is daughter.

On your skin, my skin.
(In your breath, my own.)
With your tears, my tears.
(In your heart, my home.)

All connections disconnect.
All planets turn to dust.
All that is now becomes the past

All we love; We love so fast.          ~Maggie May Ethridge

This second one brings the circle back to the start… anticipating new life.

the light around the house dims 
sewn in, or sewn out. a sealed rabbit hole.
we meet the evening-tide with bright eyes.

November brings it's dusky murmurs,
some stories of gypsies and stolen children
of pots full of bone and skin.

i watch carefully the flight path of birds
across the lucid flash of sunset, 
to see what they are afraid of, how they clutch black claw.

baby stills in the oblong stretch of my stomach.
rabbit in the hole, unborn in Winter's hibernation;
borne into wild compassion and thoughtless instincts-

she will always be hungry
she will always find beauty a flame on the end of the branch;
be tempted to flee with wild things, burrow her babies far away.

i am too, November infant- first wail to a darkening sky
first cries to the silent forest and flash floods of Mississippi:
responsible to nothing but the heartbeat of my mother

her breast and her hold and my wandering heart.
the eagle stretches his dark wing over the windows of home.
even at this distance, i can see how he eyes my unborn.

everyone is hungry.
everything needs, though its wilding may not speak the word.
i close the sliding glass door on the darkening world

and touch my husband's warm neck with frozen fingertips.
the light blazes from the seams of our home,
gaping at the dirt and roots

we feed our children and break bodies against one another.
this November is collecting stormfronts: a birthing is coming: 
with the light spilling yellow at the corners of our mouths.       ~Maggie May Ethridge

 And what would a party be without photos?? So yea, I swiped these from the Flux Capacitor so we can all feel extra festive and connected.
This photo of Maggie and Lola is from Maggie's actual Baby Shower last month.  You can read about it here.

Mr. Curry, Lola and Maggie... The caption reads: "Lola was a flower for her end of school play.  A very very energetic flower". :-)

Here are the Curry kids looking cute:  Ian, Dakota and Lola

 This caption reads: Uncle Carl with sleeping Jacob making peace over Mr. Curry, Dakota and Ian

I adore this picture.  It belongs in the love hall of fame!

Maggie, reading your words daily for the last few years, has added such joy and richness to my life and the lives of so many others.  I know this because I read the comments section  :-p  The way you continually reach out to your family, your community and even strangers, inspires me regularly.  I love the way you soak in and experience life so fully and you care so deeply about others and the earth and life itself.  Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.  Thank you for helping me to appreciate more, to reach out more and to keep going even when I'm wretched and exhausted. And thank you for taking us all on your travels.  I love you and appreciate you every day. 

Mr. Curry, you're going be a great baby daddy. Anyone can see that.  Congratulations to you!  

Ian, Lola and Dakota, your little sister is very lucky to have the three of you to help care for her, and show her the ropes.  Having a little sister is a great excuse to play and be silly... even if we think we're too old for that stuff.   wink. 

Congratulations Currys!

To continue the party please see the "OTHER PARTY ACTIVITIES" list below, and don't forget to dance on over and visit all of today's hostesses: Elizabeth, Ms Moon, Terresa, and Stephanie.  

  • You can choose to read our posts and just feel the love
  • You can leave a beautiful wish for the Curry family at Flux Capacitor in the comment section for their memory book
  • You can send a gift by clicking on the BABYSRUS link upper right on this page. (It will take you right to Ever's registry list)
  • You can help offset the cost of early parenthood by contributing an amount comfortable for you to the  BABY LOVE 4-EVER MATERNITY FUND (See the DONATE button on the upper right side of this page)  
  • You can combine any and all of the above choices.
I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: The greatest area of support is needed in the Maternity Leave Funding.  The family income will be hit hard by Maggie not working during the momma/baby bonding period. (Having gone through this myself not too long ago, I am all too familiar with the importance of this kind of support). The bonding time should be a time of love and joy, not anxiety and worry.  So my hope is that the "donate" option will be a popular choice~  (major credit cards accepted) The amount does not matter... there are enough of us, and I know we can put a dent in this thing!  One dollar at a time...  I will keep the donate button on my blog at least through the end of the year (possibly longer), so if now is not a good time for you to participate in this way but you'd like to, don't panic.  You have time.

Welcome to the world Ever Elizabeth, we can't wait to meet you. 


Maggie May said...

I am blinking back tears. The generosity of your words almost makes me blush, if I could live up to them! You are so awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for every bit of love here, my sweet friend!!!

Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you for doing the work so that all of us could help with this shindig.
Love you, Ms. Fleur. Beautiful post.

Terresa said...

Beautiful post, loved that you included picts of Maggie's family & some of her poetry. Here's to the best virtual baby shower ever! (and thanks to you for being the brainchild behind this all!!)

JoJo said...

What a beautiful post! Congratulations to Maggie and her whole family!

I'm a November child too. According to the poem, I'm always hungry. No wonder I can't lose weight. ;p

word verif: brick

Petit fleur said...

Maggie, It was my pleasure. It was really fun. I'll be thinking of you all. xo

Ms Moon, It really was fun and I'm happy you were part. I loved your post. xo

Petit fleur said...

Hey Terresa,
Thanks for hostessing! I love the image you used. Very cool. The funny thing is that I got the idea for doing this from something that Maggie did for someone once. I can't really take credit. It's strange how the universe works.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Jojo,

You're so funny honey! Every time I hear "Oh What a Night" or "Oh Micky you're so fine" I think of you! How weird am I??

Thanks for checking in and for your sweet wordage.