Friday, February 19, 2010

Who is going to aplologize to Tiger ?

For taking away his childhood?  His core?

I'm sorry, but this video makes me sick, as cute as he is...  Check out his eyes at the end of this clip.  This is not someone who is treated with respect and love.  I think anyone who would exploit their child in this way is treating them more like a pimp would, than a father.   And where the fuck is his mother in all this?

You cannot FUCK with a child's development and push them in this way, and not expect damage.  Goddammit!  He is human...  Leave him the fuck alone.


white rabbit said...

Insanely ambitious parents do serious damage to their children. I can only think they are trying to act out their thwarted ambitions vicariously. My younger son played cricket (sorry to bring that up again!)against a boy who was prodigiously talented but ferociously driven by his barking mad father. He ended up captaining the England Under 19 Team but being a pretty messed up and widely disliked human being. Part of me felt sorry for him.

Petit fleur said...

Hey WR,

Yea, I do feel deeply sorry for people like that because they have no frame of reference because they were violated so young. I know that sounds severe, but I believe it is.

Thanks for popping in and you can talk about cricket anytime! I like to learn about what's going on beyond the puddle.

Rebecca said...

There are truly talented children out there, but more so, there are truly insane and pushy parents out there. It's all very sad.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Rebecca!
Thanks for stopping. Yea, I agree with you totally. And the whole tabloid culture we live in is embarrassing!

It's great that he is taking FULL responsibility for his behavior. I am reacting to just the whole circus around all of it. The fact that he had to direct the press in this way to get them to back off of his family is ridiculous and sad to me. (and it may not even work..) AND... it's none of anyone's business in the first damn place!

Also, it made me sad to watch him beat himself up the way that he did... I don't think his life's been the bed of roses that the public thinks it has, but that's me. It's interesting that all this hit the fan after his father died... Maybe he's just beginning to live his own life, finally.

Ok, end rant! Hope to see you again soon.
Peace, pf

Bethany said...

really good point pf.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Bethany,

Thanks for coming by and thanks for your comment.

I'm not sure why this is hitting me as hard as it is. I think I'm becoming more intolerant and scared of how voyeuristic, crazy, judgmental, entitled, fickle and vicious our culture seems to be turning. Or probably always has been, and if I don't have an outlet I'll surely go mad! It could be because I have a child myself now and I want the world to be a more sane and peaceful place in a way that I never imagined I would before.
Have a good and peaceful weekend,

JoJo said...

I agree. Tiger's upbringing was the perfect storm that created this nightmare. Our culture has always loved to build people up, lavish them with adoration, then take great delight in kicking them when they fall. Maybe it makes people feel better about their own crappy lives when the rich & famous fall from grace.

BTW, I immortalized 'the happy booby dance' by giving that name to one of my hatchery pets (on Facebook). :p

Petit fleur said...


Thanks for stopping.

You said that so beautifully and concisely. I aspire to be able to express myself like that! I don't think I ever got to that part in my post, but it was in my heart.

You immortalized TBDOJ??! That's SO COOL!! You crack me up!

Talk soon,

Danielle said...

honestly..i dont care much about tiger woods and his sex problems...but this video mad eme sick..i so hate these parents type...gah

Petit fleur said...

Hey D,

Yea, that was kind of my point. I put up the video because everyone is so quick to judge others, (for things that are NONE of their business), and usually they only have a small part of the story.

The video actually gives me pain in my stomach.
Thanks for stopping.