Monday, February 8, 2010

Brain Rules.... again.

This week's Brain Rules post is particularly intriguing to me.  I have never doubted that the way our central nervous system responds to life and outer stimuli is largely based on our family of origin.   "They" are starting to prove this scientifically.  ("They" being scientific researchers)  ...Of course some people are born with certain predispositions to mental and physical disorder or posses disorders at birth, this is undeniable. Further, I believe that many of us are born with certain personality traits as well, however, environment has a boatload to do with improving, enhancing or turning that around when necessary.  

The end of this article says what I've intuitively known since I was a child, and is one of the primary reasons I do not believe in capital punishment.  What it says is that through experimentation and intervention, researchers are proving that parents who have better coping skills drastically effect the development of their child's sensitive nervous systems, and thereby effecting the whole way a child interacts with the world! 

The reason I'm saying this is not to make anyone feel guilty or blame themselves about  their child's weak spots.  I am more concerned with those affected by severe abuse, and who do not get the treatment they need... and societies way of "dealing with them".  My point is that society often scoffs at those of us defending men and women on death row when we try to prove that their abusive upbringings are indeed mitigating circumstances. That that information is directly connected to their state of mind at the time of the crime, the direction of their growth  (or lack of) in all ways...  It DOES matter.  And furthermore most of these men need to be in mental health facilities, not further punished for everyone failing them.

That's all.


Rebecca said...

I agree and that is why I try so hard every single day to take a positive approach in discipline. I try to tell the kids daily what they SHOULD be doing, rather what they should NOT be doing. I try to give extra hugs and cuddles when they are extra crabby and do my best to figure out all the WHY'S of the crabbiness..........My husband just wants to yell and scream and complain about how terrible the kids are (but they are actually AMAZINGLY well behaved children especially when you compare them to other 'normal' kids)

Ms. Moon said...

Lots to ponder here, my dear neighbor. And you are doing SUCH a good job with your son. I know I tell you that a lot but I can't tell you enough because it's a hard job to do and almost impossible to do well. And you are doing it very, very well.

Petit fleur said...


You sound like a very sweet momma! It is so important (and hard) to try to stay aware and present insn't it? I find it so.

But seriously, the people I'm talking about here are people who raise their children while dealing and using drugs, abuse and molest them and each other regularly and have no consistency or safety in their lives ever... and are many times too poor or so evironmentally handicapped they don't even realize they need help. Then we EXPECT them to behave according to the our rules! They have their own rules, and it's how they learned to survive a violent childhood.

Thanks for visiting. Keep up the great mommying!

Ms Moon,

Thanks for the Koodos. It means so much coming from you. The mamma's mamma. :-)

Love you,

white rabbit said...

It may take me a little time to absorb this, but that man's brain is hovering about a foot above hio head.

That cannot be healthy ...


Petit fleur said...

WR~ Yes indeedee, not healthy at all! But kinda cool.


JoJo said...

I agree that there's no way an abused and neglected child will grow up to be a productive member of society, or not continue the cycle themselves of early parenthood, drugs, & abuse.... We do need way more mental health facilities than jails.

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Maggie May said...

I love Brain Rules!!!

Petit fleur said...

Yea, he's a cool dude.

Thanks for coming by. I've been away at a family wedding, so I'm just now catching up with everyone in blogland. See you at your place.