Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things that make me say WTF?!!

I've been reading a lot of posts today that are inquiry oriented, which is odd. Odd, because I have been mulling this one around my noggin for days. Maybe the collective unconscious at work?

Anyway, this photo of Captain Jack Sparrow has nothing whatever to do with the content of this post except that, well, he does look confused, no? There were many cool images which came up under the heading: "confusion", but why would I pass up an opportunity to use a picture of Mr. Stud Buzzard himself? Whatever the answer to that is, was not good enough, so here you go. Your welcome. :-)

List of WTF items:

1- Well, this is more of a "Where" TF, rather than "What" TF kind of thing, but it could easily be either I guess. I'd like to know, where on earth Lady Lemon is... Does anyone know? I realize one is not supposed to get too attached to our cyber friends, because they can disappear and what can you do, right? But sue me, I love this woman. Last we all knew she was off to NY for a wedding... did she vanish? Is she lost in NY? Has some terrible fate befallen her? She does not respond to emails.... sigh* I hope you are alright Ms Lemon and just busy as a bee. Your minions miss you.

2- When did people start ignoring sirens?? Do they NOT know what to do? Do they refuse to do what they are supposed to till they are shamed by that loud "Hey dumb ass, move or I'll run your ass over" bull horn? Do they NOT hear it? Are they too inconvenienced or in a hurry to "get there"? Are they on the phone? Texting? Stupid? Or is it because they are totally self involved? Or because they have taken Driver's Ed out of the schools? Whatever is going on here, it's pissing me the fucking hell off! When that siren is sounding, someone's life may damn well be on the line and seconds count. Get off the fucking phone and pull the hell over already!

3- Why do people send sick children to school? Does everyone think that the rules somehow don't apply to them? I mean, Harley is in a program that could not possibly support a working mom. It's only in the mornings, so it's not like..."Well, my kid has a cold, but I can't miss work for that" kind of a thing. I kept Harley home last Friday because his allergies kicked up and he was feeling puny. Also because he sounded sick, with runny nose and coughing. I wasn't positive it was allergies, so he spent the day at home till I was sure. ALSO because we all got this notice about how we aren't to send sick children to school because of all the crazy flu strains going around, and etc... So, I bring Harley back to school on Monday and the first thing I see upon entering his class room. (I am totally serious here) This kid turns around and there is the largest stickiest nastiest looking greenie about to slide from his upper lip into his mouth any minute. I swear this thing was the size of a June bug. I've never seen a larger booger in my entire life! I'm 46, I seen me some boogies. I seemed to be the only one noticing it, so I grabbed some tissues and unfortunately 2 sheets was not quite enough. I got said booger juice on my hands, despite my best effort. That's what I get for using 2 sheets of tissue on a 4 sheet job I guess. The point is I should not have HAD to wipe this kids boogs. His MOTHER should have! He has an infection of some kind and needs to be AWAY from others till it passes.

4-Why do people still fall for the same old scare tactics and BS from politicians? Why do conservatives strike me as bullies on the playground? Only out for themselves, and unashamed to admit it? And to make it ten times worse, they've "claimed" Jesus Christ, and turned him into their bitch. Still, they somehow get away with it... I mean it's talked about some, but not honestly. Everyone is afraid to upset the Christian religious sensibilities, and yet, so many who claim to be Christian seem to not get that there are many ways to live and love and appreciate the higher forces that be... What are we all afraid of?

5- When did questioning authority become unpatriotic? Forget it, I know the answer after all.

6- What the hell is the difference between National Security and Homeland Security? Is that just an Orwellian phrase made up by the Bush admin, proving to us that Big bro is really here? I've noticed a lot more news people using the phrase National Security lately... at least on NPR they do... weird. I still hear HLS, don't get me wrong...I'm just sayin.

7- What is the deal with texting? I think it may come in handy in certain situations, but seems like more of a pain in the ass, expensive way to communicate. Am I missing something?

8-What is the matter with being judgmental? Seriously. If we weren't, we'd still be swinging from trees. Why does EVERYONE seem to miss this? The word they are using is incorrect in my world. What I believe they mean is: "condemning" Why are you so judgemental? Well, because I have a damn brain, and survival instinct... That's why!

9- Can you believe this started out as a happy little post? I think hormones are at play... or at war, one.

10-When will the rain stop. It's been raining non-stop and gray since, well. I can't really remember, but it seems like a really long time.

Despite my list turned rant. I hope you all have a really truly groovy day, and that clarity is your friend... I think this is the weirdest post to date for me.


Steph said...

Boy, once you get going... :)

I agree on all points.

Petit fleur said...

Hey, where you been?

Yea, it's the frustrated Italian in me. I honestly think I am hardwired genetically... to rant. I think the DNA only gets stronger with each generation. And I'm pretty sure I'm not rationalizing here... too much anyway!

downtown guy said...

I text all the time. Main reasons:

- I don't hear well anyway, and on the phone it is worse.
- - making quick plans with a small group. I can group text a handful of people something like "Meeting at my house at 7" and not have to have 6 conversations to do that.
- sending info that should be written down - phone numbers, street addresses - to someone who may not have a pen on them
- quick contact when I had an out of town girlfriend - just, "Miss you" - when you know neither of us had time to talk but felt like touching base
- receiving info in loud situations where talking is impractical. "We're at St. Mike's, not the Engine Room" or whatever
- I can send a nonurgent message and they can take their time thinking about the answer before responding

Plus, I have unlimited texts and limited talking minutes. I've always disliked talking on the phone. Now I have an option.

Petit fleur said...

Oh, PS.. I was a bartender for many years and I think I used profanity to protect myself. Anyway, now that I am a mom, I've pretty much cleaned up my potty mouth... but I have to honor it when I'm on a rant!

Petit fleur said...

DTG, Ha! See, now that makes sense to me. I WAS missing something! Thanks.

downtown guy said...

Yep, it's mighty practical, even if folks use it as a toy a lot of the time.

May said...

Here Here, Petit Fleur! I concur. And personally, I do not like texting. If it's a quick "Here's where I'm at" Cool. But when we start going back and forth... It makes me crazy. I don't text quickly and I can't do anything else while I'm doing it. But that's just me, I understand everything that DTG said. He makes sense.
I wonder if Lady Lemon doesn't have internet at home. She quit her job and that was the last post. so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I miss her too, I hope she's alright.
The siren thing gets me too. Also when people are on the phone or texting and driving and they almost run me down. I had to jump out of the way today because a lady was on the phone and she made a quick turn (without signaling, I might add) onto the road I was crossing. Fuck them all. Of course, sometimes I make these mistakes too. Fuck me as well, at least I feel bad about it.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Ms Maybelle,

We finally had to take the text option off of our phones because every time we got one WE were charged, even though we were not sending one or whatever.

Yes, DTG often says things that make sense. He is hipper (or is it hepper?) than he realizes. He helps me keep my rants in line!

You may be right about our Lady of the Lemons. here is the puzzling thing, she has a remote control vacuum robot! Besides, she also has one of those fancy phones, so... I donno.

PLEASE do be careful out there May. I know that you are, but thanks to maniac drivers talking on phones all the time, walking is now hazardous to our health. Makes me want a cig.
Love you, pf

Ms. Moon said...

I cannot disagree with any part of this post. I know what DTG is saying but for someone like me texting is just not needed.

Ms. Moon said...

Except really, I don't mind the rain.

Petit fleur said...

Well, I don't mind it when it isn't everyday... and I have a 3 year old shut in living with me! yikes!

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