Friday, February 13, 2009

Jailhouse Blog

We went to see our friends JJ and LB at the prison a few weekends ago. It was an adventure as always. We arrived a little later than we had hoped. Since getting the count right has been a persistent problem for the better part of this year, I was hoping we'd get there well before midday, but we just skated in around 11:30 or so. Of course the usual delays... since our son isn't a toddler anymore, they needed a new updated photo of him. Then there were the other usual issues. (my husband wasn't in the system.) For some strange reason, JJ always has issues with regard to our visitations. Either the brass insist that we have the wrong visiting day, or they can't find my husband on his roster, and this time they couldn't even find him in the system period! So when I was certain that My husband, Frank, was not going to get himself ejected by going into some sort of condescending tirade with the natives.... I left him to deal with his issue while Harley and I trekked on through search and the long walk to DR dorm trying our best to beat the count. And we did! I can't say as much for Frank. It took him about 45 minutes to get things straight, and the count did get messed up. ugh! But, we were all happy that no tirades were launched & everyone was where they should be. Everyone except JJ that is.

JJ finally made it out, but not before Frank almost got himself ejected yet AGAIN! You see, one of "the rules" is that you are not supposed to converse with any other inmate except the one you are there to see. ( Frank is on JJ's list, and I am on LBs list.) While Frank was waiting for JJ, he saw a few other friends milling about, so of course he saunters over giving them big hugs and chatting away as though he was at a baseball game. Frank is not a quiet man, so I'm sure the BMIC probably thought that he was not only breaking the rules, but being flagrant about it... hurling it in his authoritative face.... so he spoke with Frank, explaining the rule in a very civilized manner and asking him to keep to his table. Ok, so Frank then sits down (he is at the very next table to me Harley and LB) and he begins to ask LB who he likes in the Superbowl and they are talking about the season and the strategies of different teams and what teams deserved what, and etc... so BMIC can't believe the nerve of Frank! After he had just spoken to him and EXPLAINED the rule. (I am rolling my eyes by this point) So, now BMIC takes Frank for a little walk and they talk about the three strike principle and that now Frank is on his 2nd strike, "you get me?" Ok, so now Frank decides the only way to keep his yapper from yapping is to get a deck of cards and play some solitaire. That seemed to work. Whew!

I wanted to place a video here.... I have technical difficulties so all I could manage if you want to check out Elvis, click here:

Finally, JJ made it out and everyone was behaving like ladies and gentlemen. LB, Harley and I were busily playing dominoes. Building structures and snake like creatures and knocking them down. This is particularly fun when you are three! Then we lunched on our traditional Big Ass Chicken sandwich and LB had his usual sausage/egg croissant and we all shared the beloved honey mustard pretzel chips. Ahh a feast for all. Harley shared with me. (When they say Big Ass... they are not kidding.) So after lunch, Harley switched tables to sit with dad and JJ.

JJ and Harley have a special relationship. They draw pictures for each other (JJ is an amazing artist) and they like to play dominoes. Frank is no gamer slouch. In fact, he is one of the best gamers I know, but he actually was sitting out, letting ole JJ and Harley battle it out in a rousing game of high card. (Apparently, Frank was not getting any high cards and was getting bored!) So, the game is whoever gets the high card wins the pot (of dominoes). So that kept them all quite entertained. That and ice cream... and popcorn!

While they were male bonding, LB and I were busy catching up on more grown up topics. Not the least of which, blogging. If you did not read my first blog post, it was about LB and our New Years visit. I mentioned that there was a whole lot that I cannot blog about with regard to him for security reasons. I did however, pitch to him the idea of starting his own blog.... and much to my surprise he went for it! I'm really excited about this! I'm happy to be able to help give his voice an avenue for expression and happy that he has decided to take this opportunity. The name of the Blog will be "Life in Xanadu". Since he has no computer access, we have to do everything via snail mail. So while he is most interested in receiving and responding to comments, it will likely take a few weeks to get those responses... So please be patient.

I don't know what direction his blog with take, but I'm sure it will be fascinating.
Hope everyone drops by.


Zengoof said...

I'm sure Frank must have his share of good points for you to be married to him, but I must say, it sounds like going to the prison turns him into a pompous buffoon. I can't wait to hear from LB. Maybe his blog should be called "The Big Ass Blog"?

Insider said...


Yes, Frank has many MANY good points, and even a few great ones! Keeping his energy level in check around crowds is not among them.

LB's blog is called Life in Xanadu for the moment. We are having a few difficulties with regards to time frame in setting things up since all his correspondence is snail mail. Well, we'll get there, but the name may change. Check out his first post:

Bye for now ZG. Thanks for your antidotes and amusing comments!