Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Publix and White Castle

Oh Florida, I did miss you.  We just got back from a whirlwind trip to see family in Orlando and S FL. It was so great to be back there.  I even missed the humidity!  It just feels like home to me.

I was seeing and enjoying my family in a whole new light as well.  It was a great homecoming.  Harley got to meet his far away family as a "real person" as one cousin put it who met him as a baby.  He will remember those characters now by God!  My aunt Phyllis scared the life out of him with her loud laughter, but he hugged her anyway.  (So cute)  She laughs when she is over come with emotion or showing her approval.   Actually, sometimes she just laughs because she likes to.  She's funny that way!

I also got to visit my most FAVORITE store on the planet, Publix.  Well, it is my favorite grocery store. Harley got his free cookie and all was right with the world.  When we landed in LA I over heard several of the passengers talking about Publix and White Castle burgers.  Things that they missed about living in LA.  I almost piped up, but I was too exhausted.  I just smiled and enjoyed listening to them and feeling a silent kinship.

I'm still jet lagged.  We arrived home last night around 8pm pacific time and Harley's first day of school was TODAY.  Oops.   A good friend says that she did not receive the religious gene.  I did not receive the good planning gene.

More Florida Shenanigans to come.  Please stand by...


Ms. Moon said...

If you DID have the good-planning gene, you might have considered waiting until November to visit Florida. Haha!
Anyway, glad you got to visit the penis state again which is a crazy state but yes, slightly redeemed by the fact that we have Publix.

JoJo said...

So glad you had fun!!!! Although I can't believe anyone would miss humidity!!! lol

Petit fleur said...

Miss moon,

Yes, you are correct, I chose an incredibly silly time to come weather wise, but G is out of school and holiday time is so stressful and expensive to travel... sigh.

I hope you are having fun in Roseland. Sue used to talk about that place too, I'm pretty sure.
Did you take her there?


Yea, I know it's strange, but I just sort of do miss it. If I had to live in it again, I would likely eat those words though! Nice to see you...Hope you are well.