Thursday, February 7, 2013


So, my son has a best friend in California.  He also has one in Tallahassee.  However, his best friend is California is the one I want to mention here.  Her name is Kaya.

Kaya is a lovely, sweet and articulate little girl.  She is somewhat introverted by nature, which I like.  She is not exactly shy, she is outspoken and goofy as any kid her age, but she has a sort of inner quietness that I like.  She is the first child that he has befriended since we got here, and she chose him. (Oh, did I mention she has good taste also?)

She pursued him in the form of asking for play dates with him every time I saw her... which was every day!  This was a blessed thing, because Harley was overwhelmed by his new found classroom experiences.  There are more kids in that small classroom than there were at his entire old school back home... and the majority of them have not been in a classroom setting and are shall we say socially challenged in that regard.  All the activity and rambunctiousness and volume were really hurting him (he has sensory integration/overload stuff)  So it was great that she reached out to him.  Since that very first play date, it was all over.

They have been best buds every since.  This year is the first time ever that I, mommy, did not receive the first Valentine from Harley.  He has made 3 for Kaya and one for his teacher!  This is bittersweet, mostly sweet.  He is growing up.

Yesterday while walking to recess Kaya and Harley were holding hands.  Then, they put their arms around each other!  Kind of how you would see a middle school couple.  I was blown away!  They are so funny!  Then we had a play-date with Kaya later that day and the two of them were discussing whether or not to go to the park first or to come to our house first.

Harley: "What do you want to do first?  Our house or the park?
Kaya:  "What's your opinion Harley?"
Harley: "Whatever you want Kaya."
Kaya: "Lets go to your house!"

It was just sort of nauseatingly precious.  But precious none the less.   I strive to be that mature in my exchanges with his dad... minus the nausea.


JoJo said...

That is soooooo sweet!!!! She sounds like a lovely little girl.

Ms. Moon said...

There's still time for him to make his mama a valentine. I bet he will. I'm so glad that Harley's made a friend. That makes all the difference.

Steph(anie) said...

So very good to have a friend :)

Petit fleur said...

@Jojo, yea, she is. They are totally cute together.

@Ms Moon, Oh yea, he probably already has one for me, however, it was fist. And that is so ok, just another milestone.

@Stephanie, Yea, I wish I had one! Here locally I mean.

Petit fleur said...

Correction to ms moon. What I meant to say is he did not make mine his first priority this time around, and that is the milestone. I can't speak today, or write apparently.