Friday, November 2, 2012

CA Update

Halloween was a huge success.  Harley was a pirate and i was my usual cat.  So easy peezy, don black and wear kitty ears headband.  Normally  I am wearing my black cape also, but alas, it is in the pod along with every other thing we own... which will hopefully arrive no worse for the journey across country.

It was suggested that we trick or treat in an older part of town near the beach.  One of Marc's co workers lives there and invited us to come out.  They really did things up in that neighborhood.  We have a few of those kinds of hoods back home and they are always so much fun for the kiddos.  This year I was in too much shock from the goings on of the last few months/weeks to really have my own fun, but Harley was having enough fun for all of us... and I was having fun by association.  (Fun once removed..?)  Honestly, it was cold.  Very cold.  And like an idiot, I took marc's word for it that it never gets cold here in southern CA, so I only packed one flimsy little sweater.  brrrr!  Last time I listen to him!

I feel like my new job now is adjusting.  There is no end to what I am having to adjust to.  Harley is seemingly fine with everything.  Only acting out in small ways and infrequently, but I've been keeping my eyes on him and checking in with him, and really, he seems right as rain.  Marc is somewhat established here and has his routines down and knows where most things are or how to find them if not... Me?  That is another story entirely.  As much as I know this was/is the right move for us... I am feeling trapped right now.  That is the only way to describe it.  I know it will pass, but this is what it is now.  We have the one car thing happening, so there is no spontaneous going anywhere on my own... The school where Harley will be going, at least initially, requires tons of parent participation which means I will have to put off getting a job... (I am at the point now where I have dedicated almost entirely every waking and non waking moment to my child  for 7 years.  Frankly I'm feeling the need to cut the chord a bit....) I was hoping for an old fashioned school where you drop them off and pick them up and maybe go in once a month to volunteer and on special days and events, etc...)  Ah, not so much....

The POD comes this weekend, more specifically tomorrow, so the weekend will be dedicated to unloading, sorting and figuring out what stays and what goes in storage.  We just came from a huge  (in comparison) house and are now living in a 1200 sq foot apartment. Did I say that already??

I am trying to focus on all of the positives and immerse myself into free fall... but I cannot help the fact that  I am easily overstimulated and require long periods for adjustment.  That is just who I am.   Perhaps when our stuff arrives I'll feel mo betta.  And actually I feel mo betta today than I did yesterday.  Yesterday was not a good day.  Basically, I am yo yo-ing and well, hormones never help that one bit do they?  Nope.

The good news is that Marc is being ever so patient and understanding of my, (ahem) bouts of weepiness and negativity/griping about some other random thing that is out my comfort zone... In short I swing between whiny little biotch  and "go-with- the- flow" in  record time... even for me!  I guess they call that temporary insanity or some such thing, and he's been very good about not hanging me over the balcony! :-)

That's all the news from here. Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy.


JoJo said...

Of course there is going to be this adjustment period. I went thru it when I moved to SF, then to WA, and the again back here. I was very pleased with the POD; there was minimal shifting & nothing broke except the stupid lock! I had to call a locksmith out to cut the damn thing off the morning it arrived. lol And then unloading it on a brutally hot & humid day kinda sucked. I also felt trapped w/o my stuff too; Living out of a suitcase till the POD came also sucked. But you'll soon be in a routine & back to normal again. :)

Maggie May said...

I'm so glad you loved your CA Halloween!
It takes me six months not to feel really weird when I move. Moving is hard!

Ms. Moon said...

And you haven't just moved house- you've moved from one planet to another! I mean, seriously! There HAS to be some adjustment. And it's not going to be easy. But eventually it is going to be so awesome. That's what I really do think.

Petit fleur said...


Thanks for the POD sharing info. I am a trifle concerned because I have no idea how to pack one of those suckers and i had only one brave soul to help me. I think we did ok, but.. you know.

Maggie! Nice to see you. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ms Moon-- That means a lot coming from you. Thanks. It is as though I've moved to another planet. A planet that looks a lot like Killarn. We were limited as to where we could stay because we only have one car and this is not an area I would have chosen. There is hope for moving to a grungier area, which is more suitable for aging hippie types when our lease is up... in a year! So I just have to get used to not really having much of a comfort zone for a while.
So happy to hear your exciting news about Jessie and Vergil. So sweet and lovely those two.

JoJo said...

When I got my POD, the company told me that I should pack it like a Tetris puzzle! lol I used some clothesline rope to try and keep each section stable, put the heavy stuff on the bottom and lite stuff on top. The stuff that I thought would shift and fall, did, with no bad consequences.

Steph(anie) said...

I hope the weekend was productive and you are feeling at least a little more settled.

I can really relate to being easily overstimulated.

I love your comment about hoping for a grungier area :)