Friday, December 23, 2011

Candy Canes for breakfast

It must be the holidays, right?

So, this morning I raced out to get to the bank, which I believed was opened... and it was, whew~  I grabbed my coffee, my kid and my paperwork and dashed out.  On the way out of the bank, I notices a bowl half full of candy canes!  I was very excited because I had not had breakfast yet.  Somehow this was satisfying.  Harley liked it too, needless to say.  A purple lolly AND a candy cane, that's the 6 year old jackpot.

We've been lazing around most of the rest of the day.  We had a nice cup of hot chocolate and clinked Merry Christmas to each other.  I had yet another candy cane with my Cocoa.  It tastes so much like schnapps to me.  I adore it!  When I worked at Bennigan's about a million lives ago, we used to make Irish Coffee and float dark Creme de Menthe on top (The green kind)  It looked so pretty, but I was sure it was gross.  One evening I tried it, and I was SO wrong!  Although, instead of Irish Whisky, I just prefer a little Kaluah.   The point is if there is whip cream on top, you cannot ruin a coffee drink by floating CdM.  It cannot be done.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and may you enjoy perfect health, happiness and peace for the new year.


Rubye Jack said...

Sounds like a mighty good day!

Happy Holidays!

JoJo said...

Merry Christmas and stuff to you and your awesome family! Did you see my blog post on the 'loaded hot choxy'? Kahlua, marshmellows, vanilla creamer....YUM!

Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas~~