Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey ya'll,

Many moons ago, like maybe 4 or 500 or so, I got my Life and Business Coaching Certification and a business license and thought I was off to the races!  Not so much... I wasn't completely done with full time mommying and  quite honestly there are still days when I'm not quite sure.  However, I have been stuck in the muck trying to get a website and blog going and linked up so that I had a place to point people and also could feel as though I am moving, even if I have no actual clients.

I'll save you the long version of how I struggled with this and that in the area of IT, and skip to the part where a long time friend of mine's son helped me to FINALLY get off the ground and out of the muck!  I"m so excited I can't stand it!  It is still a work in progress and not as slick and groovy as I'd hoped, but it's there and it's real and functioning.

If you'd like to check it out, I am open for comments and criticism.  I would rather hear it from friends than have folks visit and quietly fade off because something was a turn off or unprofessional, or too uptight or whatever.  So please, don't be nice, be honest!  BTW I know it's a template site and it looks like one, I'm not too concerned about that because well, I don't have a lot of choices at the moment having to do it mostly on my own....  but any other comments are encouraged! Thanks. Oh, yes, and it goes without saying... but I will, if anyone out there wants coaching or knows someone who does, my rates are incredibly reasonable! ;-)


JoJo said...

Hey the website looks great! Good luck with your new business!

Petit fleur said...

Thanks Jojo! You know I was so uptight about the TI stuff I completely did not notice that they have a spell checker... DOH~!! So I spell checked all the pages and now they are all cleaned up.
Thanks again!

Ms. Moon said...

Looks great to me! Yay, Max! And you. I wish you much success.

downtown guy said...

You might want to pick a better font for your blog. The one you are using was designed for titles, not for content. Go with something simple for the actual writing. Even times new roman or arial would be better if you want people to pay attention to what you are saying.

Petit fleur said...


I'm honored that you're still reading here.

Yea, you know I thought about that too, and I'm still just trying things out, and I've gone a little koo koo!

Thanks for the reality check.


white rabbit said...

Yay! You go coach!

The very best of luck and for font I rate Tahoma as the bestest, cleanest and neatest - Bookman Old Style is cool too...


Times New Roman sucks...

jus sayin

Petit fleur said...

Thanks Ms Moon. It's always nice to have your encouragement!

Hey RAbbit!

I like Bookman too, but I went with Georgia... I am certain that there will be many changes and incarnations and tweaks as time goes on.

For now I'm like a stupid adolescent with the whole thing... "Oh LOOK! I can do this and this... AND THIS too!" Doh!
Thanks for stopping.