Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter's seeding

In more earth oriented, traditional cultures, winter is the time for germinating.  For all of our creativity, thoughts, ideas and aspirations to develop and grow stronger and clearer, while we remain less active.  Snuggling up with our blankies, our warm toddies, our books, pens, journals, computers or whatever our choice of extension and just being.  Allowing ourselves to enjoy the rest period nature imposes on us each and every year without fail.

Winter is waning now, and I am feeling like I did not quite make the best of the time I had to organize, plan and well, germinate and prepare for the Spring.  For the big GO!  The green light, the shooting gun, the blazing sun.... Nature's shove to action.

Instead, I stretch, yawn and roll over.  How about you?


Steph(anie) said...

Winter is a figure of our imaginations out here, so yeah, I know what you mean.

JoJo said...

Great post!!!!! I do love winter too. I like to make stuff on cold rainy days.

white rabbit said...


I'm not a fan of winter to be honest. To me it's just cold, dank and dark.

Now spring! That I can work with!

Rebecca said...

Winter is far from waning here. Sleet, snow, freezing rain......on top of more sleet, snow and freezing rain.....with more in the forecast.

That photo, made me think warm cozy thoughts though.

Petit fleur said...

Hey Steph,

I guess some would say that about our winters too, but they can be damn cold to us! But with no fun winter snow activities. boo!

Yea, I can picture you beading or crafting on a dreary day. I'll be you had some hum dingers up there in Sandwich though, huh?

Hey Rabbit,
Well, we don't all like it or even appreciate it and that's ok... it's just hard to know if it's conditioning or if we really don't like it. I know I always heard BAD things about winters in Ohio where my family is from, so... I had a bias from the start! Thanks for hopping by.

Hey Rebecca!
Good to see you. I hadn't really thought about the weather elsewhere, so sorry bout that. You'd think that would have crossed my mind since my sister's place is getting buried!
Take care.

Thanks all!!
xoxoxoxo pf

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I rested A LOT. I just hibernate when I am not forced to work. I am so OVER winter. I can't tell you.

Love you, PF.


Terresa said...

Yes, winter is waning, but still here enough to feel it (today: coats & sweaters, still, but yes, the light lasted longer in the evening, which I like).

Thank you for the blog visit, I don't read/visit like I used to (writing/deadlines/general distractions), but do try (sigh). Hope all is well with you, dear PF!! :)

Maggie May said...

i have always felt that way about Winter too. i think i used it wisely this year.

Petit fleur said...

SB, Terresa and Maggie,

Thanks for stopping by. I am so lame and hardly ever post anymore! So it's a real honor to have such wonderful people that still check up on me and take time to leave a note.

I love you guys.
xo m

Maggie May said...

Love you back xo