Monday, September 6, 2010

The worst memorial day weekend EVER

We are all sick here at Chez Levi.  We are sleep deprived and cranky.  Harley was running a fever and is coughing non stop because I guess Fall has arrived in Tally.  (He gets asthma at the change of seasons, like clockwork)  So whether or not it's consistent or official or whatever, I know FALL has fallen.  Poor little guy.

Hub and I fought and made up yesterday.  Besides Harley's asthma, we all have a bug.  At the end of the night last night, hub and I were discussing what we had hoped to do this memorial day having so much time off together.... Then he said it:

 "This is the worst memorial day weekend EVER!"

We both just cracked up laughing.

Hoping yours is better.


JoJo said...

Wow, you guys must be sick if you all think this is the worst "Memorial Day" ever. Either that or I slept from September to May and the summer is about to begin again. lololol

Seriously, hope you guys start feeling better soon!!! ((hugs))

Ms. Moon said...

Yeah, honey. Memorial Day is in May. This is Labor Day weekend.
Oh dear. You're sick? If I were a very good neighbor I would make you zuppa but it just still seems too hot to make soup. Perhaps when fall turns to winter...
Get better.

Petit fleur said...

Jojo and Ms Moon,

OH GOD! It's worse than I thought!! This is so hilarious. Just goes to show you ADHD + Physical discomfort(delirium) = DUMBASS!
haha! thanks for making me laugh at ourselves... at least we have that going for us, right? :-O DOH!

white rabbit said...

Poor old you....

I wouldn't know the difference between Labour Day and Memorial Day cos we have them on different days (first Monday in May and 11th November respectively as you ask). Hope that makes you feel better :D

It's the 11th November cos the armistice ending World War I was at 11am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. there's still a moment's silence at exactly that date and time.

Sorry, I'm going on a bit...

Rebecca said...

Hope things clear up for all of your respiratory aliments clear up really soon. I have one of my own...I stop breathing at night because my nose is completely blocked with mucus as thick as.....(something really thick!).....and I wake up gasping for air. Makes me feel really winded.

Maggie May said...

sorry to be laughing....but i'm LAUGHING..

oh dear i know those kinds of weekends all too well

feel better

Petit fleur said...

WR-- I love it when you ramble... it's usually educational or funny, or both! My dad was in WWII as were my uncles, so I like hearing about it. Makes me feel close to them. Now who's going on? :-)

Rebecca-- I hope you feel better too. Yikes!

Maggie-- It made my whole day to know I made you LAUGH! :-) yay me!