Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know, I know, I promised I would post about our fabulous adventure out west next, but that is going to take some thinking and this is exciting news for me, and it takes no thought at all!    I have FINALLY registered for my LLC license and can begin doing business as a certified Life Coach starting July 1!!  I'm so excited!!! 

I have no website, I have not organized my literature or blog, I have no clients, I have no business bank account, but dammit I have begun this process which has been daunting for me and I feel like an emotional block has been overcome, the cyst has been removed and my life and aspirations may flow freely at last!!  I'm sure there will be many more obstacles in the future, but I think this may have been the biggest one.  It took all of five minutes to complete the online application, however, it took me about 6 months to actually revisit the Florida Division of Corporations website to do this.  Why is it that every big move I make has to be preempted by long adjustment/ mind shift period??  Actually, I know the answer, it's just a frustrating part of my character.  I did the same thing with College and moving into the "daytime" workforce.  Both happened kicking ans screaming and definitely at "my own pace".  But they did happen.  And it's happening now. 


I do have an official business email account and needless to say, if anyone wants coaching, feel free to email me at:     (BTW, I did try to make that email name shorter, but all the ones I wanted were taken.)

Today I am happy, excited, hopeful and a little overwhelmed at the work ahead.  It's a good mixture of feelings, and although I still have no earthly idea how I am going to shift gears and make time to do all the business-y type stuff I need to, I'm trying to keep faith that somehow the path will evolve and rise to meet me.

Have yourselves a beautiful hump day!


Rebecca said...

Yippie Congratulations on your life coaching business!

Petit fleur said...

Thanks Rebecca!! I am the new poster child for ACTION!!! (As in NOT procrastinating!)

Thanks for the yippie!

Ms. Moon said...

I hope you find much success in your new venture, Ms. Fleur.

ZenGato said...

Good for you! Always exciting to begin a new path in life.

JoJo said...

Congratulations!!!! Hey I have my biz license as Tahoma Beadworks LLC but I have yet to get the bank account or biz credit card, or open my Etsy account. But hey, small steps right?

But won't you just have to pay all the license fees over again when you move from hot, humid Florida to the west coast?? *hint wink nudge*

May said...

I'm happy for you, PF! Now all you need is a really screwed up celebrity to straighten out. Maybe you can work your way up to Oprah! Or, of course, maybe you can just help people in our humble little neck of the woods. Is it bad luck to say good luck on a business venture? Best wishes! Love you!

Jen said...

I'm thrilled for you. Suck and slurp these feelings of pride and excitement in and in and in, ounce by ounce! I love the name jump start; it is often so what people need to begin taking action. Congratulations! I'm loving reading up on your blog.

Sarcastic Bastard said...