Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matthew, whole and healthy

I've decided that this is the only real thing that I can do... picture Matt happy and healthy and feisty. Send all of my healing thoughts and energy his way, especially during sleep time. This is the best time for astral communication as our conscious mind is not so in control.

Anyway, here he is:
Matt the sexy cowgirl!
High School mop top

Matt, Me and Harley in 2006... He was my first family member to meet Harley.

Reggie (Watts) and Matt

Yesterday we made great progress and things were looking more hopeful than at any other time since the accident.  Today, we are fighting ARDS.  This is a serious set back and we are doing all we can to slow down the stagecoach and reign in the medical staff who keep trying to take him out of his medically induced coma before his body is ready.  They are miracle workers, but they are human, and most all of us agree that he needs to hold steady for a good couple of days before trying to wean him again.

Meantime, we are visualizing whole, happy, passionate, fun loving Matt.  Sending him and his immediate family all our love and support.

Rage on Matt, Rage on.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Request for Miracles

As per usual, I've been wanting to write for some time but just can't seem to. This happens a lot. In the interim one of my nephews, whose diapers I used to change, Matthew, has been involved in a serious accident. He's one of those larger than life characters that is hard to describe. He has the genius gene that runs on both sides of his family tree, and the showman gene that runs on our side. He's as intense and outspoken as they come and just as loving.

What happened was he was, on his way to work he ran out of gas someplace in LA. Turns out his gas gauge was broken, so anyway, he was waiting on the side of the highway for a friend to come and bring him gas. In the time it took for the friend to get there, his car was hit in the rear at high speed by another vehicle. The car rolled over several times and his spine is severed between C3 and C4 and his brain is swollen. He was was thought to be dead on the scene, but the EMTs got his heart beating again. Then we were told that he was essentially brain dead (no activity)... but then oops, there was activity. So, maybe just brain resting..? They have performed some kind of procedure to relieve the swelling and he is getting all kinds of anti inflammatories to keep that under control. We all thought the first day that they were just waiting around for the 3 day grace period till they could pronounce him brain dead (Cali law), but he keeps improving. Small improvements, but unmistakable ones. He is now trying to breath over his ventilator, which is a good sign. I think they are considering doing a trach in the event he should wake and try to rip the ventilator out. (He would so do that)

So, we've been told that a full recovery is likely too much to even hope for, but lets face it, two days ago he was "brain dead"! So now the big questions are, how long was his brain deprived of oxygen and how badly if at all was the injury to his spinal chord... sigh.

What I'd would love is if anyone out there has a major miracle story they can tell me about someone whose beat the odds. I know it happens and it happens more frequently than we know about. I want to know about it. If you have anything to share that can help me keep faith that this may have a good outcome, I'd love to hear it. I crave to hear it.

Thanks for listening.